International Trade and Global Commerce

This research program examines how changes in global trade and investment, technology, and economic and geopolitical power are affecting Canada, and what this means for policy. The ultimate objective is to foster the development of a forward-looking, medium-term policy agenda that will enable Canada to engage more effectively in the global economy.

The program focuses on the following themes:

  • Presenting new empirical evidence for Canada using firm-level and value-added trade data
  • Applying new perspectives from academic research on global value chains and firm-level trade theory
  • Exploring the policy implications of this work for trade negotiations, foreign investment, services, regulation, digital trade and productivity

Research in progress

  • Technology-enabled trade: evidence from eBay marketplaces
  • Trade and productivity: insights from firm-level data
  • The performance of SMEs in emerging markets
  • New international evidence on Canada’s participation in global value chains
  • Infrastructure and transportation networks and the requirements of 21st century trade
  • Trade policy in a G-Zero world

Once completed, this research will be published in volume VI of The Art of the State series, entitled Redesigning Canadian Trade Policy for New Global Realities, edited by Stephen Tapp, Ari Van Assche and Robert Wolfe. Several chapters are available online.

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