The Future of Skills and Adult Learning

Globalization, combined with profound demographic, environmental and technological forces, are fundamentally changing the labour market and the nature of work. How can we best support workers’ adjustment to these changes? The often-proposed solution is to invest in skills development, but this presumes the existence of a responsive education system and well-designed, timely policies. This research program will critically evaluate Canada’s education and training programs for adult learners, and present proposals for a more effective and proactive adult learning ecosystem that fosters a more resilient workforce. This research program is directed by Natalia Mishagina.

The current research agenda focuses on the following themes:

  • Assessing the need for skills development
  • Documenting the availability and effectiveness of training programs in Canada
  • Developing optimal training programs and education opportunities

Work in progress

  • Rethinking adult education to upgrade basic skills
  • Assessing policies to facilitate employer-provided training
  • Examining skills needs and training provision in various industries across Canada
  • Investigating workers’ demand for skills development

Latest Research