The Canadian North

Anticipating an increased interest in Canada’s Arctic, the IRPP launched this research program to explore the key elements of a truly integrated northern strategy. Topics covered included Arctic sovereignty, climate change, science policy, Aboriginal and public governance, economic development, and human capital. The program also incorporated a unique focus on the views and perspectives of northerners. In 2009 the research was compiled in an edited volume entitled Northern Exposure: Peoples, Powers and Prospects in Canada’s North, edited by Francis Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Seidle and France St-Hilaire (2009, reprinted in 2009, 2010 and 2014), as part of The Art of the State series. The conclusion to the volume (A New Northern Policy Universe), as well as the chapters by Rob Huebert (Canada and the Changing International Arctic: At the Crossroads of Cooperation and Conflict) and Franklyn Griffiths (Canadian Arctic Sovereignty: Time to Take Yes for an Answer on the Northwest Passage) are available on the Institute’s website.

Latest Research