Thinking North America

Sous la direction de Thomas J. Courchene, Donald J. Savoie et Daniel Schwanen
Cet ouvrage examine les multiples aspects des défis et des opportunités que représente l’intégration nord-américaine. Plusieurs chapitres sont accessibles en ligne. L’ouvrage est disponible au magasin de l’IRPP.

Table des matières

Introduction and Overview

Thinking North America: Pathways and Prospects

Thomas J. Courchene

NAFTA: Economic, Institutional and Political Perspectives

FTA at 15, NAFTA at 10: A Canadian Perspective on North American Integration

Thomas J. Courchene

A New Accommodation with the United States: The Trade and Economic Dimension

Michael Hart

The Long-Run Determinants of Deep/Political Canada-US Integration

John N. McDougall, with commentary by Dorval Brunelle

Where’s the Beef? Law, Institutions and the Canada-US Border

Robert Wolfe

The Role of Sub-National Governments in North American Integration

Earl H. Fry, with commentary by Gerald Boychuk

Citizenship, the Environment and Other Considerations

North American Citizenship: Possibilities and Limits

Jennifer M. Welsh, with commentary by Dorval Brunelle

NAFTA and North American Citizenship: An Unfounded Debate?

Dorval Brunelle

Thinking North American Environmental Management

Scott Vaughan, with commentary by Debora L. VanNijnatten

Deepening NAFTA

Giving Direct Effect to NAFTA: Analysis of Issues

Armand de Mestral and Jan Winter

Deeper, Broader: A Roadmap for a Treaty of North America

Daniel Schwanen

The Search for North American Institutions

Debra P. Steger

International Perspectives

The European Union Perspective

Peter Leslie

An American Perspective

Jeffrey J. Schott

A Trilateral Approach to North American Integration

Ma Isabel Studer Noguez

Broadening NAFTA and the Global Trading Order

Canada and the Americas: Trading beyond the Neighbourhood

Maryse Robert

Hemispheric Integration: Implications for North America

Jaime Zabludovsky

Cancun: Can Can’t? Can do?

Sylvia Ostry

Grand and Not-so-Grand Strategy-Making: Comments

Alans S. Alexandroff