Northern Exposure: Peoples, Powers and Prospects in Canada’s North

Sous la direction de Frances Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Seidle and France St-Hilaire
Cet ouvrage examine les éléments devant faire partie d’une stratégie intégrée du Nord, notamment la souveraineté dans l’Arctique, les changements climatiques, la politique scientifique, la gouvernance publique et autochtone, le développement économique, le capital humain et l’éducation, tout en mettant l’accent sur les points de vue et les perspectives des habitants de la région. Plusieurs chapitres sont accessibles en ligne. L’ouvrage est disponible dans le magasin de l’IRPP.

Table des matières

Northern Exposure

Introduction and Overview

Frances Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Seidle and France St-Hilaire

Northern Development: Past, Present and Future

Frances Abele

Sovereignty, Environmental Change and Science

A Principled Path Sheila


Canada and the Changing International Arctic: At the Crossroads of Cooperation and Conflict

Rob Huebert

Canadian Arctic Sovereignty: Time to Take Yes for an Answer on the Northwest Passage

Franklyn Griffiths

The Inuit and Issues of Arctic Sovereignty

Violet Ford

Arctic Science, Nation-Building and Citizenship

Michael T. Bravo

The Arctic: A Model for Science Cooperation?

Hanne K. Petersen

Economic Development

Economic Development in Northern Canada: Challenges and Opportunities

Terry Fenge

Navigating and Managing Economic, Environmental and Social Change in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Nellie J. Cournoyea

Diamond Mining in the Northwest Territories: An Industry Perspective on Making the Most of Northern Resource Development

Tom Hoefer

Aligning Petroleum Sector Activities with Northern Regulatory Requirements

Gordon Erlandson

Looking Forward: Northern Policy in Canada

Climate Change, Sovereignty and Partnership with the Inuit

Mary Simon

Challenges and Expectations in the Canadian North

Richard J. Van Loon

A Fog Hangs over Arctic

Waters Tony Penikett

Aboriginal and Public Governance

The Changing Architecture of Governance in Yukon and the Northwest Territories

Doug McArthur

Living Up to the Spirit of Modern Treaties? Implementation and Institutional Development Stephanie

Irlbacher-Fox and Stephen J. Mills

Governance in the Western North

George Braden

Gonaewo – Our Way of Life

John B. Zoe

Self-Government, the Northern Environment and Aboriginal Culture

Danny Gaudet

Nunavut and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region: Differing Models of Northern Governance

Graham White

The Long and Winding Road to Self-Government: The Nunavik and Nunatsiavut Experiences

Thierry Rodon and Minnie Grey

Natural Resource Devolution in the Territories: Current Status and Unresolved Issues

James P. Feehan

Education and Human Capital

Education: A Critical Foundation for a Sustainable North

Greg Poelzer

Toward More Effective, Evidence-Based Suicide Prevention in Nunavut

Jack Hicks

Voices of the New Generation

The Next Generation

Udloriak Hanson

Arctic Indigenous Peoples and the Reconciliation of Past and Present

Elaine Alexie

We Inuit Must Unlock Our Success Instinct

George Berthe

Global Warming and the Threat to Inuit Culture

Laura MacKenzie

Inuit Values and the Implementation of Land Claims Agreements

Natan Obed

Climate Change and Sustainable Management of Yukon Forest Resources

Aynslie Ogden

The New Northern Policy Universe

Frances Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Seidle and France St-Hilaire