Redesigning Canadian Trade Policies for New Global Realities

Sous la direction de Stephen Tapp, Ari Van Assche et Robert Wolfe
Trente éminents experts – universitaires, chercheurs du gouvernement et autres spécialistes – d’ici et d’ailleurs analysent l’incidence de l’évolution des échanges commerciaux, des technologies, et du pouvoir économique et géopolitique sur les politiques canadiennes. L’ouvrage est disponible dans le magasin de l’IRPP. Plusieurs chapitres sont accessibles en ligne.

Table des matières

Introduction et conclusion

Aperçu des résultats de recherche

Stephen Tapp (IRPP), Ari Van Assche (HEC Montréal) et Robert Wolfe (Queen’s)

Feuille de route d’une politique commerciale plus inclusive

Stephen Tapp (IRPP), Ari Van Assche (HEC Montréal) et Robert Wolfe (Queen’s)

Firm-level Views of Canadian Trade

International Trade with Firm Heterogeneity: Theoretical Developments and Policy Implications

Beverly Lapham (Queen’s)

Trade and Productivity: Insights from Canadian Firm-Level Data

John Baldwin and Beiling Yan (Statistics Canada)

Going Global: Canadian SME Trade and Emerging Markets

Sui Sui (Ryerson) and Stephen Tapp (IRPP)

Technology-Enabled Small Business Trade in Canada: New Evidence from eBay Marketplaces

Usman Ahmed and Hanne Melin (eBay Inc.)

Global Value Chain Participation and the Productivity of Canadian Manufacturing Firms

John Baldwin and Beiling Yan (Statistics Canada)

Canadian Commerce Policies in an Interconnected World

Canadian Trade Policy in a G-Zero World

Robert Wolfe (Queen’s)

International Regulatory Cooperation in a Supply Chain World

Bernard Hoekman (European University Institute)

Navigating the Maze: Canada, Rules of Origin and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Andrew (Sandy) Moroz

The Restrictiveness of Canada’s Services Trade Policy in an International Context

Sébastien Miroudot (OECD)

The Potential to Enhance Canada’s Services Trade in CETA, TPP and TiSA

Erik van der Marel (European Centre for International Political Economy)

Canadian Investment Treaty Policy: Stay the Course on Progressive Developments

Andrew Newcombe (University of Victoria)

Canada’s Integration into Global Value Chains

Global Value Chains and the Rise of a Supply Chain Mindset

Ari Van Assche (HEC Montréal)

Leveraging Global Supply Chains in Canadian Trade Policy

Emily Blanchard (Dartmouth College)

Chasing the Chain: Canada’s Pursuit of Global Value Chains

Dan Koldyk, Lewis M. Quinn and Todd Evans (Export Development Canada)

New International Evidence on Canada’s Participation in Global Value Chains

Koen De Backer and Sébastien Miroudot (OECD)

By Road, Rail, Sea and Air: The Role of Transportation Networks in Moving Canada’s Merchandise Trade

Jacques Roy (HEC Montréal)

Perspectives on Canadian Trade

How Business Can Help Free Trade

Perrin Beatty and Cam Vidler (Canadian Chamber of Commerce)

How to Promote Smart Exporting among Canadian Companies

Bill Currie (Deloitte)

Canada’s Global Firms and the Future of Trade Policy

John Manley and Brian Kingston (Business Council of Canada)

Is More Trade Liberalization the Remedy for Canada’s Trade Woes?

Jim Stanford (Unifor)

The Supply Chain Echo and Its Effects on Canadian Businesses

Joy Nott (Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters)

Small Business Traders in Canada

Ted Mallett (Canadian Federation of Independent Business)

Trade and Sustainable Development

Scott Vaughan (International Institute for Sustainable Development)

Inclusive Trade, Inclusive Development: Opportunities for Canadian Leadership

Margaret Biggs (Queen’s)

How Gender Affects SMEs’ Participation in International Trade

Arancha González



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Chapitres en ligne

Canadian Investment Treaty Policy: Stay the Course on Progressive Developments

Andrew Newcombe
De nouvelles règles relatives à l’investissement étranger mettent le Canada sur la bonne voie.

Inclusive Trade, Inclusive Development: Opportunities for Canadian Leadership

Margaret Biggs
Le commerce et le développement inclusifs sont essentiels pour une stratégie commerciale progressiste du Canada.

How Gender Affects SMEs’ Participation in International Trade

Arancha González
Favoriser le commerce international des entreprises appartenant à des femmes.


Les politiques commerciales en des temps incertains

19 juillet 2017

Canadian trade policy at a risky crossroads

17 mai 2017

Which way forward for Canada’s international investment treaty policy?

Stephen Tapp, 18 janvier 2016

Becoming a leader in inclusive trade and development

Stephen Tapp, 19 décembre 2016

Removing the barriers to women traders

Stephen Tapp, 3 novembre 2016

Encouraging Canadian SME exports to emerging markets

Stephen Tapp , 13 octobre 2016

Bypassing the trade-rule maze through the TPP

Stephen Tapp, 29 septembre 2016

Canadian trade policy in a G-Zero world

Stephen Tapp, 13 septembre 2016

The growing importance of services in Canadian trade

Stephen Tapp, 3 août, 2016

Canadian exporters and eBay: How technology is changing trade

Stephen Tapp, 26 juillet, 2016

Seven ways to encourage small business trade in Canada

Stephen Tapp, 12 mai, 2016

What if trade agreements are doing us more harm than good?

Stephen Tapp, 14 avril 2016

Updating trade policy for the firms that drive Canadian trade

Stephen Tapp, 21 mars 2016

Global value chain participation improves firm-level productivity

Stephen Tapp, 17 mars 2016

Canada needs simpler, more consistent customs procedures

Stephen Tapp, 1 mars 2016

The role of transportation networks in moving Canadian trade

Stephen Tapp, 29 février 2016

Canada lags behind as production becomes more global

Stephen Tapp, 17 février 2016

How business can help free trade

Stephen Tapp, 16 novembre 2015

How can we encourage more Canadian companies to export?

Stephen Tapp, 10 novembre 2015

How Canada can improve regulatory cooperation

Stephen Tapp, 31 août 2015

How trade changes when firms matter

Stephen Tapp, 6 juin 2015

How trade can help (or hinder) Canada’s productivity

Stephen Tapp, 4 juin 2015

Canada’s changing links to the global economy

Stephen Tapp, 22 mai 2015

New opportunities and challenges for Canadian trade policy

Stephen Tapp, 7 mai 2015

The IRPP launches a new research initiative on Canadian trade

Stephen Tapp, 28 avril 2015

Multiple trade negotiations offer tantalizing possibilities

Robert Wolfe, décembre 2013, Globe and Mail

The Canada-EU trade deal: A job creator – and a job killer

Stephen Tapp, octobre 2013, Globe and Mail

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