Thinking North America

Edited by Thomas J. Courchene, Donald J. Savoie and Daniel Schwanen
This volume is a comprehensive examination of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities presented by North American integration. Some chapters are available online. To purchase a copy, please visit the IRPP store.


Introduction and Overview

Thinking North America: Pathways and Prospects

Thomas J. Courchene

NAFTA: Economic, Institutional and Political Perspectives

FTA at 15, NAFTA at 10: A Canadian Perspective on North American Integration

Thomas J. Courchene

A New Accommodation with the United States: The Trade and Economic Dimension

Michael Hart

The Long-Run Determinants of Deep/Political Canada-US Integration

John N. McDougall, with commentary by Dorval Brunelle

Where’s the Beef? Law, Institutions and the Canada-US Border

Robert Wolfe

The Role of Sub-National Governments in North American Integration

Earl H. Fry, with commentary by Gerald Boychuk

Citizenship, the Environment and Other Considerations

North American Citizenship: Possibilities and Limits

Jennifer M. Welsh, with commentary by Dorval Brunelle

NAFTA and North American Citizenship: An Unfounded Debate?

Dorval Brunelle

Thinking North American Environmental Management

Scott Vaughan, with commentary by Debora L. VanNijnatten

Deepening NAFTA

Giving Direct Effect to NAFTA: Analysis of Issues

Armand de Mestral and Jan Winter

Deeper, Broader: A Roadmap for a Treaty of North America

Daniel Schwanen

The Search for North American Institutions

Debra P. Steger

International Perspectives

The European Union Perspective

Peter Leslie

An American Perspective

Jeffrey J. Schott

A Trilateral Approach to North American Integration

Ma Isabel Studer Noguez

Broadening NAFTA and the Global Trading Order

Canada and the Americas: Trading beyond the Neighbourhood

Maryse Robert

Hemispheric Integration: Implications for North America

Jaime Zabludovsky

Cancun: Can Can’t? Can do?

Sylvia Ostry

Grand and Not-so-Grand Strategy-Making: Comments

Alans S. Alexandroff