Unlocking Demand for Innovation

The disconnect between Canada’s notable achievements in scientific research and its lacklustre performance in innovation is often described as a paradox. The objective of this research program is to improve our understanding of the innovation process in the Canadian economy from a demand-pull, firm-centred perspective and the policy implications. The main contribution of this program is its focus on the demand for innovation and the role of government in facilitating this demand. This research program is directed by France St-Hilaire.

The current research agenda focuses on the following themes:

  • The case for a paradigm change in Canada’s innovation policy
  • The linkages between productivity and innovation
  • The importance of digital technologies and their adoption by Canadian firms
  • The role of clusters, networks and innovation ecosystems
  • Intellectual property protection and innovation performance
  • Innovation processes and dynamics in key sectors of the economy
  • Measuring innovation performance and the need for new metrics

Work in progress

  • Shifting the focus of innovation policies from the supply side to the demand side
  • Reviewing Canada’s innovation agenda in light of domestic and global economic trends
  • The role of the intellectual property regime in improving gains from innovation
  • Seizing the opportunities of digital technologies