Request For Proposals

50th Anniversary Branding Materials: Institute for Research on Public Policy

About the IRPP

The Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) is an independent, bilingual, not-for-profit think-tank that seeks to improve public policy in Canada by generating research, providing insight and informing debate on current and emerging policy issues facing Canadians and their governments. It publishes peer-reviewed research and convenes policy debates by organizing conferences, round tables and panel discussions among stakeholders, academics, policy-makers and the general public. The Institute’s current research agenda is focused on four themes: Canadian federalism, the social safety net for working-age adults, skills development and adult learning, and the challenges of an aging population.

The IRPP was created as a result of a commitment of the government of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau made in 1968 to establish an “independent and autonomous” institute for public policy research, whose work would be “available to all governments.” It was ultimately established in 1972 through an endowment fund supported by the federal and provincial governments and the private sector. The IRPP is the home of the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation as well as the publisher of Policy Options magazine. In 2022, the IRPP will mark its 50th anniversary.

Project overview

The IRPP is in the process of preparing for its 50th anniversary, a milestone that will set the institute apart as Canada’s preeminent public policy think-tank. To secure its reputation in the minds of key audience members (policy-makers, politicians, academics, business leaders, etc.), the IRPP will launch a reputation-building communications campaign that will continue throughout 2022, mainly through digital content (web and social media). As such, the institute is seeking a creative qualified graphic designer or design firm to partner in the creation of a strong graphic logo (based on the IRPP’s current logo), website graphics, materials for its major gala fundraising event, content for a social media campaign, and possibly additional design services for spring/summer/fall 2022.

Scope of work

The scope of the project will extend from concept to completion. The design scope should include:


  • Provide high resolution (600 dpi min) EPS file format layered images of the final approved logo as well as flattened jpg, png and pdf formats of the final approved logo.
  • To be used in print, web, social media, ads and signage.
  • To be created in full color, single-color and black & white.
  • To be created in French, English, and bilingual versions

Gala materials:

  • Digital “save the date” invitation
  • Digital official invitation package (email invitation, payment page, etc.)
  • Menu and brochure
  • Donor wall
  • Photobooth
  • Other elements to be decided collaboratively

Website graphics:

  • Interactive timeline
  • Photo carousel
  • Other elements to be decided collaboratively


To be proposed by the designer or agency to cover the production of the logo and related content initially as described in the Scope of Work above. Proposals should also be submitted to cover additional, iterative design and production of related web graphics, gala event promotional items, and additional updates to existing materials. All work performed under this contract will be subject to approval of defined task orders not to exceed the approved budget. Additional design work beyond those items outlined above is subject to additional negotiation.

Proposed timeline (can be refined in consultation with preferred vendor)

November 1 – deadline for submissions

November 5 – preferred vendor selected

November 26 – submission of concept proposal

December 10 – approval of content proposal

December 13 – design of collateral materials begins

January 2022 – online tests/soft launch of content (website, save the date)

February 2022 – design and production continues

March 2022 – official launch of campaign (social media, timeline, photo carousel)

April 11, 2022 – IRPP’s 50th birthday

April-October – campaign continues, design for gala materials finalized

Late October – gala

November-December – campaign wraps

Proposal guidelines and requirements

Proposals will be reviewed by the IRPP’s executive team based on the following review criteria:

  • Creativity: Demonstrate through the submission of portfolio samples, including assignment and/or speculative projects that show creative execution, particularly for similar projects. You should also be able to document/demonstrate the full scope of the various services your firm provides.
  • Capability: Demonstrate your business experience, clients serviced, projects of note, technical skills, project management methodology, and ability to meet milestones and deadlines.
  • References: Provide a resume of your education, experience and qualifications, as well as two client references.
  • Pricing: Provide a comprehensive pricing for all potential services you will provide under this agreement.

Submission of proposal

All proposals must be received by the IRPP no later than November 1, 2021, in either paper or electronic format.

Electronic proposals are preferred and may be e-mailed to:

If deemed absolutely necessary for the proper evaluation of the proposal, offeror should mail or deliver the sealed proposal, clearly labeled on the outside indicating it is in response to the RFP – 50th Anniversary Logo and Design Services, to:

Institute for Research on Public Policy
Attn: Cléa Desjardins, IRPP Director of Communications
1470 Peel St. #200
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1T1

Submissions will be accepted until 5:00 PM on Monday, November 1, 2021.

The IRPP commits to providing the all information necessary for the completion of this project. Additional information can be found at the IRPP’s website. Consult our recent board reports for further details on the organization. For any questions regarding this solicitation, please contact Cléa Desjardins – Director of Communications, IRPP – at 514-245-2139 or