Is It Time to Reinvent Employment Insurance?

Employment insurance is one of the most important levers for labour market policy in Canada. With a changing labour market, slowing labour force growth and persistent concerns from employers that Canada’s workforce lacks skills in a number of areas, what is the future role for this program? Is it time to reinvent EI? On January 22, 2014, the IRPP asked these important questions in a panel discussion.

Honourable Diane Bellemare
Honourable Diane Bellemare

Senator and author of Créer et partager la prospérité: sortir l’économie canadienne de l’impasse (2013).

Cliff Halliwell
Cliff Halliwell

Former director general (policy research), Employment and Social Development Canada, and author of the recent IRPP study No Shortage of Opportunity: Policy Ideas to Strengthen Canada’s Labour Market in the Coming Decade.

Gregory Thomas
Gregory Thomas

Federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which published Unmasking Employment Insurance: How EI Increases Unemployment and Steals Billions from Working Canadians (November 2013).

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January 22, 2014



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Working Lunch


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