Centre of Excellence Event

Data production and data sharing in the Canadian health care system

The pandemic highlighted how crucial data is in informing health care decisions, and how it is imperative that we improve the sharing and use of data across Canada. This roundtable will bring together experts to explore lessons learned from the pandemic about data sharing in the health care system and identify how we can better collaborate across levels of government. The discussion will delve into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Canada’s federal structure for data production and sharing, and suggest practical solutions for implementing best practices and bridging gaps exposed by the pandemic.

NB: This roundtable is open only to participants registered for the entirety of the conference. For details, visit the main conference page. Confirmed speakers are shown. Roundtable composition is not yet final. 

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Date and time
June 13, 2023
10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Chateau Laurier - Drawing Room
Event Type
Round table
$575 for full conference