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Supporting cross-Canada relief on basic needs: food, shelter, transport and a livable climate.

Making Ends Meet: A New Approach to Tackling Affordability

As the COVID pandemic began to show signs of receding in early 2022, Canadians were looking to the future with renewed hope. Governments initially spoke of “building back better” after the devastating pandemic, with aspirations for addressing social inequalities and making the country’s systems more resilient. But for many people, that hope for progress was […]

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About the Affordability Action Council

Affordability and climate are compounding, overlapping crises — and people are struggling through them both at the same time. As a result, individuals across Canada are tired of making trade-offs because, when it comes to life’s necessities — housing, food, transportation and a livable climate — there should be none.

Solutions that ignore the full picture are no longer acceptable. Individuals shouldn’t have to compromise on basic needs, and they deserve supports that make it possible to live safer, more affordable and dignified lives. What’s needed now is a fundamentally different approach to policy making, one that considers all basic needs, including a livable climate, because they are all interdependent.

The Affordability Action Council (AAC) is a new collaboration between diverse policy experts and community leaders. The Council has used a wide lens to look at the affordability and climate crisis, tackling the challenge through a package of “all-in” integrated solutions that could be put to work immediately by the federal government.

The policy recommendations of the AAC provide proof of concept that “all-in” solutions are within reach. These recommendations will be launched over the next few months, starting with the themes of housing and food in late fall before turning to the theme of transportation in January. The work of the Council will culminate in a comprehensive report to be released in early 2024.

It’s time for Canada’s policy makers to go all-in on the relief people need — lowering costs, decreasing vulnerability, and giving people greater control over their lives.

The Affordability Action Council is a joint initiative of the Institute for Research on Public Policy, Destination Zero, the Trottier Family Foundation and the McConnell Foundation.

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