Le nouvel échiquier politique québécois

François Cardinal, Mireille Paquet, Sophie Seguin-Lamarche, Alain Noël, Graham Fox | December 5, 2018

The October 1 election marks a sharp turn in Quebec’s political life. Not only has a new party taken power, but with the mothballing of the independence project, the debate focused instead on issues such as immigration, the integration of minorities and new immigrants, the environment, and electoral reform. These are all areas that are going to have a determining effect on Quebec’s future. Special guests François Cardinal (La Presse), Mireille Paquet (Concordia University), Alain Noël (Université de Montréal) and Sophie Seguin-Lamarche (l’Institut du Nouveau Monde) discussed these subjects and more at our 5 à 7 at Pub L’Île Noire in Montreal. Graham Fox, president and CEO of the IRPP, moderated the discussion.