Climate change policy in Canada

Nancy Olewiler, David McLaughlin and Céline Bak | April 3, 2019

2019 has seen huge developments in Canadian politics, and we still have months to go until the federal election. We know some of the political questions that will define election 43. But what about the policy questions? For the next few podcasts, we’ll be sharing coverage from events held by Policy Options, the IRPP and our partners, where experts come together to discuss some of the key policy challenges facing our country.

This week, Nancy Olewiler (director of the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University), David McLaughlin (director of climate change at the International Institute for Sustainable Development) and Céline Bak (founder and president of Analytica Advisors) talk climate change. They cover how the debate has fared, what’s on the table and where policy should go next. Their discussion took place on February 25 as part of Policy Options’ pre-election breakfast series. It was moderated by Jennifer Ditchburn of Policy Options and introduced by Chris Ragan of the Max Bell School of Public Policy.