Webinar: The Emerging Policy Relationship Between Canada and the Métis Nation

Despite efforts by the Prime Minister and federal ministers, a true government-to-government relationship with the Métis has yet to take hold across policy sectors, finds a new IRPP Insight by Janique Dubois. In this webinar the author outlines the reasons for this and suggest ways the emerging relationship can be strengthened.

An initiative of the IRPP research program Canada’s Changing Federal Community


Janique Dubois
Janique Dubois

Janique Dubois is an assistant professor in the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. Her interdisciplinary research looks at the governance practices of Indigenous and linguistic minorities in Canada.


F. Leslie Seidle
F. Leslie Seidle

F. Leslie Seidle is director of the research program Canada’s Changing Federal Community at the IRPP and a public policy consultant. He has edited or co-edited 13 books, including Immigrant Integration in Federal Countries (2012) and has published numerous articles on constitutional reform, electoral processes, immigration, public management and political finance.

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February 27, 2018



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