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Webinar: Improving Prescription Drug Safety for Canadian Seniors 

Seniors are the heaviest users of prescriptions medicines in Canada. Yet it is estimated that as much as half of the medications given to seniors are taken incorrectly or overprescribed, increasing the likelihood of adverse drug reactions and interactions. Moreover, many drugs prescribed to seniors either have not been adequately studied for this age group or have not been formally approved for the conditions they are being prescribed to treat. What are the principal causes and what is the extent of the problem? What more can be done to address this serious health issue for our aging population? Panelists Nicole F. Bernier, former director of the IRPP’s Faces of Aging program, Isobel Mackenzie, BC Seniors Advocate, and Dr. Joel Lexchin, Professor Emeritus at York University discussed these questions and more. The moderator was France St-Hilaire (IRPP).

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June  9, 2017
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