Webinar Series: Long-Term Care Reform

Webinar – Filling Gaps in Canada’s Ailing Long-Term Care System with Cash-For-Care Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed Canada’s heavy reliance on providing long-term care (LTC) in institutions, rather than in people’s homes – their preferred option. To provide more LTC services are provided at home, one solution might be cash-for-care benefits, which are direct public transfers paid to LTC recipients (or their caregivers) to support home care. Widely used in other OECD countries, such benefits could afford Canadians more autonomy and care choices.

On June 21, 2021 we hosted a webinar with University of Ottawa professor Colleen Flood, who discussed her IRPP study on the potential advantages of cash-for-care benefits for improving long-term care in Canada. She was joined by Ito Peng, professor of sociology and public policy at the University of Toronto, as well as Isobel Mackenzie, Seniors Advocate of British Columbia, in a discussion moderated by IRPP Research Director Colin Busby.

This was the final installment in a series of webinars examining LTC policy options and priorities for Canadian governments.  The webinars were part of a broader IRPP initiative on long-term care reform, including a feature series of articles “Kick-Starting Reform in Long-Term Care,” in Policy Options, and new research produced by the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation and the Faces of Aging research program.

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Colleen M. Flood
Colleen M. Flood
University of Ottawa
Colleen M. Flood, FRCSC, FCAHS, is a University Research Chair in Health Law & Policy and the inaugural Director of the Centre for Health Law, Policy & Ethics, University of Ottawa.
Isobel Mackenzie
Isobel Mackenzie
Seniors Advocate for British Columbia

Isobel Mackenzie is B.C.’s Seniors Advocate. She has over 20 years’ experience working with seniors in home care, licensed care, community services and volunteer services. Isobel led B.C.’s largest not-for-profit agency, Beacon Community Services, serving over 6,000 seniors annually.

Ito Peng
Ito Peng
University of Toronto

Ito Peng is professor of sociology and public policy at the University of Toronto. She teaches political sociology and comparative public policy, specializing in care and migration policies and welfare states.


Colin Busby
Colin Busby
Institute for Research on Public Policy

Colin Busby is a research director at the IRPP. Prior to this, he was the associate director of research at the C.D. Howe Institute. He has also worked at Industry Canada and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. While he writes broadly on economic issues, his emphasis is on fiscal and social policy.

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June 21, 2021
3 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. ET



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