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Event series: What should be on Canada’s policy radar?

Nine inspiring discussions, from coast to coast

Canada’s challenges and priorities have changed significantly since the IRPP was founded in 1972. The key issues of the last 50 years have been many and varied, including global warming, the emergence of tech giants, the rise of artificial intelligence and the gig economy, to mention but a few. To remain relevant and effective, think tanks and schools of public policy continually survey the landscape to discover perturbances and phenomena requiring a more thorough analysis.

Throughout the spring and fall of 2022, the IRPP is partnering with the country’s major schools of public policy to hold a series of panel discussions to assist us in identifying challenges that our decision-makers will face and to examine ways in which Canada can promptly address these issues.

To register for events in the series, follow the links below to the webpages for the individual talks.

Events are organized in a hybrid format:

  • A live audience and panel of experts will attend in person in a manner that strictly follows health measures within each region.
  • In addition, a virtual audience will attend in real time and can ask questions through Zoom Webinar.
  • Discussions will be recorded and shared on our YouTube page and in audio format in our Policy Options Podcast.

For more information, please contact Judy Manny at

Date and time
March 21, 2022 - October 12, 2022
Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Regina, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax — and online!
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