Canadian Priorities Agenda: Student papers

As part of a graduate seminar at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance based on the CPA project, students took on the role of judges and wrote papers proposing a policy agenda based on a broadened menu of options. Each year, the award-winning papers were published by the IRPP. With the paper by Mackenzie Claggett, we are marking the end of that tradition.

A National Strategy for the Revitalization of the Canadian Corrections Sector
Mackenzie Claggett, August 2021

Canada’s Climate Change Agenda: Whose Cost to Bear?
Kaidie C. Williams, November 2020

Increasing the Capacity of Canada’s Healthcare System by Supporting Informal Caregivers
Alexandra De Rosa, October 2020

The New Governance Agenda: Aligning Power and Responsibility for Effective Responses to Priority Issues
Ben Hanff, October 2018

Safe at Home: Increasing Housing Affordability across the Continuum
Oren Newson, September 2016

Improving Productivity for the Prosperity of Canada
Creig Lamb, September 2015

Investing in Canadian Workers for a Brighter Economic Future
Evan Brander, September 2014

Investing in Canadian Workers for a Brighter Economic Future
Evan Brander, September 2014

A Strategy for a Competitive Canada: Three New Trends in Global Competition
Fardowsa Hashi, September 2013

Efficiency and Equality: Can Canada Have it All?
Linda Friis Petersen, September 2013

Securing the Fundamentals of Canada’s Prosperity
Ryan Nichols, September 2012

Time for Canada
Dylan Marando, August 2011

Harnessing Knowledge and Innovation: A Canadian Priorities Agenda
Devan Sommerville, November 2010

Two for One: Building a Versatile Canadian Priorities Agenda
David Suk, September 2009

A Canadian Priorities Agenda: Ensuring Future Prosperity
Karen Thorburn, September 2009