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India should be a priority market for Canada, says study Someshwar Rao and Stephen Tapp (August 20th, 2015) The Potential to Grow Canada-India Economic Linkages Canada’s ethnic neighbourhoods are not ghettos, says study Daniel Hiebert (August 19th, 2015) Ethnocultural Minority Enclaves in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Broken EI system needs to be overhauled: Michel Bédard and Pierre Fortin Michel Bédard et Pierre Fortin (July 23rd, 2015) Onze propositions pour un meilleur régime d’assurance-emploi Fast income growth of Canada's top 1 percent driven by finance and business services sector Thomas Lemieux and W. Craig Riddell (July 9th, 2015) Who Are Canada’s Top 1 Percent? More education won't solve rising inequality and may make it worse Kelly Foley and David A. Green (June 26th, 2015) Why More Education Will Not Solve Rising Inequality (and May Make It Worse) PDF Income gap widened in 1990s after cuts to social assistance and EI Andrew Heisz and Brian Murphy (June 4th, 2015) The Role of Taxes and Transfers in Reducing Income Inequality PDF Doing business abroad enhances productivity at home John R. Baldwin and Beiling Yan (May 28th, 2015) Trade and Productivity: Insights from Canadian Firm-Level Data PDF Doing business abroad enhances productivity at home Beverly Lapham (May 28th, 2015) International Trade with Firm Heterogeneity PDF Federal election will set policy direction on income inequality Keith Banting and John Myles (May 21st, 2015) Framing the New Inequality PDF Canadian companies are doing more business overseas, says study Daniel Koldyk, Lewis M. Quinn and Todd Evans (May 20th, 2015) Chasing the Chain: Canada’s Pursuit of Global Value Chains PDF Exercise caution on trade deals, says study Emily J. Blanchard (May 7th, 2015) Leveraging Global Supply Chains in Canadian Trade Policy PDF Study urges governments to modernize their trade policies Ari Van Assche (April 28th, 2015) Global Value Chains and the Rise of a Supply Chain Mindset PDF Trade expert explores implications of globalized production for Canadian policy (April 27th, 2015) News Release PDF IRPP expert available to comment on Modi’s historic visit (April 13th, 2015) News Release PDF Canada's welfare state needs transformation, not more tinkering Peter Hicks (April 9th, 2015) The Enabling Society PDF Study urges cities to abandon seniors' discounts Harry Kitchen (February 27th, 2015) No Seniors’ Specials: Financing Municipal Services in Aging Communities PDF Harper’s approval rating jumped 11 points in 2014, says poll (December 18th, 2014) News Release PDF Award-winning journalist Dan Gardner becomes Policy Options editor (December 11th, 2014) News Release PDF Policy Options editor Bruce Wallace to return to US-based journalism (December 10th, 2014) News Release Provinces should provide full and universal pharmacare Steven G. Morgan, Jamie R. Daw and Michael R. Law (December 3rd, 2014) Are Income-Based Public Drug Benefit Programs Fit for an Aging Population? PDF Quebec must establish a clear policy on diversity and interculturalism François Rocher and Bob W. White (November 25th, 2014) L’interculturalisme québécois dans le contexte du multiculturalisme canadien PDF Webinar: Experts discuss the future of long-term care in Quebec (October 28th, 2014) News Release Long-term care in Quebec: Who is responsible? Government's reliance on families to compensate for shortfalls in services raises concerns Jean-Pierre Lavoie, avec la collaboration de Nancy Guberman et de Patrik Marier (September 3rd, 2014) La responsabilité des soins aux aînés au Québec PDF Drummond says leadership and coordination are key to improving Canada's labour market information Don Drummond (June 11th, 2014) Wanted: Good Canadian Labour Market Information Study says end the live-in requirement for the federal caregiver program Jelena Atanackovic and Ivy Lynn Bourgeault (April 16th, 2014) Economic and Social Integration of Immigrant Live-in Caregivers in Canada PDF Filipino youth face significant barriers to social mobility, says study Philip Kelly (February 19th, 2014) Understanding Intergenerational Social Mobility PDF Age-friendly-community strategies should target healthy middle-class seniors Stephen M. Golant (February 13th, 2014) Age-Friendly Communities PDF Recent moves to make Canada's citizenship rules more restrictive are sending the wrong message, says study Elke Winter (January 16th, 2014) Becoming Canadian PDF Study calls for new intergovernmental framework for provincial nominee immigration programs F. Leslie Seidle (December 12th, 2013) Canada’s Provincial Nominee Immigration Programs PDF Focus on skills, not the number of workers, as workforce ages Cliff Halliwell (November 8th, 2013) No Shortage of Opportunity PDF Temporary Foreign Workers Program needs annual cap, says economic assessment Christopher Worswick (October 17th, 2013) Economic Implications of Recent Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program PDF Ottawa must play a stronger role to ensure that more Canadians benefit from resource wealth Robin Boadway, Serge Coulombe and Jean-François Tremblay (October 10th, 2013) Canadian Policy Prescriptions for Dutch Disease PDF More than modest tinkering needed to reform CPP/QPP Michael Wolfson (July 15th, 2013) Not-So-Modest Options for Expanding the CPP/QPP PDF Industrial policy need not be taboo, says new paper Dan Ciuriak and John M. Curtis (June 18th, 2013) The Resurgence of Industrial Policy and What It Means for Canada PDF Curbing the cost of health care will require better value for money and cultural change: report Steven Lewis and Terrence Sullivan (May 31st, 2013) How to Bend the Cost Curve in Health Care PDF Report calls for enhanced cooperation and learning between Canada and Australia to improve the recognition of immigrants' foreign qualifications Quinn Albaugh and F. Leslie Seidle (April 30th, 2013) 2nd Canada-Australia Roundtable on Foreign Qualification Recognition PDF Greater Clarity Required in Canada's Foreign Investment Rules Dany H. Assaf and Rory A. McGillis (April 18th, 2013) Foreign Direct Investment and the National Interest PDF Reforms to Canada's Electoral Process Are Needed, and Must Go beyond a Direct Response to the Robo-Calls Affair: The IRPP releases its report on the expert round table on options for reform Graham Fox (March 15th, 2013) Issues Arising from Improper Communications with Electors PDF “I Am Canadian”: Challenging Stereotypes about Young Somali Canadians Rima Berns-McGown (January 15th, 2013) “I Am Canadian” PDF News Release Bob Baldwin (December 7th, 2012) The Federal Public Service Superannuation Plan PDF Seniors' Migration a Local, Not National Phenomenon Bruce Newbold and Tyler Meredith (November 22nd, 2012) Where Will You Retire? PDF The effects of precarious legal status on immigrants' economic outcomes are long lasting Luin Goldring and Patricia Landolt (October 23rd, 2012) The Impact of Precarious Legal Status on Immigrants’ Economic Outcomes PDF Climate change best tackled by fostering new energy technologies Isabel Galiana, Jeremy Leonard and Christopher Green (July 23rd, 2012) A Technology-Led Climate Change Policy for Canada PDF Universal public insurance is best option for long-term care Michel Grignon and Nicole F. Bernier (June 19th, 2012) Financing Long-Term Care in Canada PDF Canada must rethink its approach to global production and trade Ari Van Assche, with commentary by Todd Evans (June 5th, 2012) Global Value Chains and Canada’s Trade Policy PDF Pragmatic skills, not just language, vital to immigrant integration Tracey M. Derwing and Erin Waugh (May 31st, 2012) Language Skills and the Social Integration of Canada’s Adult Immigrants PDF Impact of “Dutch disease” on manufacturers smaller than feared Mohammad Shakeri, Richard S. Gray and Jeremy Leonard (May 16th, 2012) Dutch Disease or Failure to Compete? PDF IRPP 40th anniversary essay on Canadian policy milestones Thomas J. Courchene (April 26th, 2012) Policy Signposts in Postwar Canada PDF Make long-term approach to immigration a priority, study says Garnett Picot and Arthur Sweetman (April 4th, 2012) Making It in Canada PDF Subsidies to auto sector should come with wage concessions Leslie Shiell and Robin Somerville, with commentary by Jim Stanford (March 21st, 2012) Bailouts and Subsidies PDF Study finds government's plan for pooled pensions inadequate: IRPP authors propose alternative to improve benefits, cap fees, reduce risks Robert L. Brown and Tyler Meredith (March 8th, 2012) Pooled Target-Benefit Pension Plans PDF Canada should facilitate integration of migrant farm workers: Study identifies major barriers to health care and social services Jenna Hennebry (February 28th, 2012) Permanently Temporary? PDF Strong economic growth requires new productivity push Someshwar Rao (November 22nd, 2011) Cracking Canada’s Productivity Conundrum PDF Ottawa must play strategic role in seniors' care Harvey Lazar (November 17th, 2011) Many Degrees of Policy Freedom PDF Caregivers need public support and recognition: Canada's seniors' care system relies heavily on unpaid caregivers Janice M. Keefe (November 15th, 2011) Supporting Caregivers and Caregiving in an Aging Canada PDF Immigration policy must continue to favour skilled workers: Study also shows refugee earnings grow rapidly Michael G. Abbott and Charles M. Beach (November 8th, 2011) Do Admission Criteria and Economic Recessions Affect Immigrant Earnings? PDF Canada needs a comprehensive home care system Neena L. Chappell (October 19th, 2011) Population Aging and the Evolving Care Needs of Older Canadians PDF Canadians support high immigration levels Jeffrey G. Reitz (October 18th, 2011) Pro-immigration Canada PDF Study says no need for national securities regulator Pierre Lortie, with commentary by Thomas Hockin (October 13th, 2011) Securities Regulation in Canada PDF Expanding CPP/QPP would maintain future retirees' living standard: National, mandatory, defined-benefit plans would be higher, more secure Keith Horner (July 5th, 2011) A New Pension Plan for Canadians PDF Is the American Dream becoming a mirage? Inaugural IRPP Policy Horizons Essay looks at economic future of the US Thomas J. Courchene (May 10th, 2011) Rekindling the American Dream PDF Middle class to experience income decline in retirement: Gradual phase-in of new benefits not best way to improve income adequacy Michael C. Wolfson (April 29th, 2011) Projecting the Adequacy of Canadians’ Retirement Incomes Defined-benefit pensions vulnerable to employer insolvency: Pension guarantees not first step in improving pension protection Ronald B. Davis (March 10th, 2011) Is Your Defined-Benefit Pension Guaranteed? PDF Older displaced workers driven to early retirement: Wage insurance program would keep workers in labour force Ross Finnie and David Gray (February 24th, 2011) Labour-Force Participation of Older Displaced Workers in Canada PDF Inferior residential care for seniors linked to for-profit facilities: New study finds type of ownership impacts quality of care provided Margaret J. McGregor and Lisa A. Ronald, with commentary by Gail Dobell (January 24th, 2011) Residential Long-Term Care for Canada’s Seniors PDF Trade-offs in pension reform still need to be achieved: CPP a solid pillar to build on, but expansion presents challenges Bob Baldwin (December 16th, 2010) Pension Reform in Canada PDF Retirement income prospects not improved by financial education: Governments should instead nudge workers to boost retirement savings Saul Schwartz (December 14th, 2010) Can Financial Education Improve Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning? PDF Diversifying trade is optimal strategy for Canada: Enhancing trade links with fast-growing nations like India should be a priority Patrick Georges and Marcel Mérette, with commentary by John. M. Curtis (December 9th, 2010) Canada’s Strategic Trade Policy Options PDF Manitoba attracts and retains immigrants with fast access to jobs: Provincial Nominee Program proves a good approach for smaller provinces Tom Carter, Manish Pandey and James Townsend (October 20th, 2010) The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program PDF Innovative pension reforms provide lessons for Canada: Variety of foreign schemes provide expanded coverage at low cost Patrik Marier, with commentaries by Monica Townson and Keith Ambachtsheer (September 28th, 2010) Improving Canada’s Retirement Saving PDF Age at immigration influences job market success:Study calls for placing a premium on younger immigrant applicants Maude Boulet et Brahim Boudarbat (September 14th, 2010) Un diplôme postsecondaire canadien PDF Preventive detention necessary to address gap in anti-terrorism law: Challenge is to minimize risk of terrorist attack while respecting human rights Craig Forcese (July 28th, 2010) Catch and Release PDF Multiple citizenship benefits Canada: Study says global trend in accepting dual citizenship is irreversible Audrey Macklin and François Crépeau (June 22nd, 2010) Multiple Citizenship, Identity and Entitlement in Canada PDF Pension guarantees a thing of the past? IRPP releases rapporteur's report from its pensions symposium Bruce Little (June 4th, 2010) Avenues for Reforming the Canadian Retirement Income System PDF Temporary foreign workers require additional protections Delphine Nakache and Paula J. Kinoshita (May 13th, 2010) The Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program PDF New study finds national defence accountability works: Author says reforms could weaken principles of responsible government Philippe Lagassé (March 10th, 2010) Accountability for National Defence PDF Immigrants' use of French about more than language laws: Newcomers must be integrated into Quebec society to embrace French Michel Pagé, avec la collaboration de Patricia Lamarre (February 16th, 2010) L’intégration linguistique des immigrants au Québec PDF Prefunding prescription drugs for seniors necessary: New study says prepaid fund needed to stabilize public health care costs Jacqueline Greenblatt and Mark Stabile, with commentary by Michel Grignon (February 9th, 2010) Providing Pharmacare for an Aging Population PDF Canada has nothing to fear from foreign direct investment: Benefits of foreign investment far outweigh any drawbacks Walid Hejazi (January 26th, 2010) Dispelling Canadian Myths about Foreign Direct Investment PDF Ottawa needs provinces onside at Copenhagen: IRPP study calls for feds and provinces to partner on national carbon tax Tracy Snoddon and Randall Wigle (December 8th, 2009) Clearing the Air on Federal and Provincial Climate Change Policy in Canada PDF Why do Canadians say no to electoral reform? IRPP study examines Ontario's 2007 referendum on proportional representation Laura B. Stephenson and Brian Tanguay (September 23rd, 2009) Ontario’s Referendum on Proportional Representation PDF Security watchdog needed to keep Canadians safe and informed: IRPP study calls for the integration of accountability systems in agencies Reg Whitaker and Stuart Farson (September 1st, 2009) Accountability in and for National Security PDF IRPP releases concluding chapter from book on Canada's North Frances Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Seidle and France St-Hilaire (August 12th, 2009) The New Northern Policy Universe PDF Contemporary family realities often at odds with family law: Study recommends changing legal rules to adapt to new kinds of families Robert Leckey (July 14th, 2009) Families in the Eyes of the Law PDF Language proficiency on arrival key to immigrants' success: New study finds English fluency is an even greater factor in economic integration than education in Vancouver Daniel Hiebert (June 25th, 2009) The Economic Integration of Immigrants in Metropolitan Vancouver PDF It is time to revisit federal budget planning processes: Short-term deficits provide opportunity to adjust budget practices Mike Joyce (June 18th, 2009) Prudent Budgeting and Budgetary Process Effectiveness in Canada’s Federal Government PDF Canada needs to overhaul its information and secrecy laws: Parliament should correct limits imposed on information access Craig Forcese (June 4th, 2009) Canada’s National Security “Complex” PDF Problems will persist without adequate policies to shore up competitiveness James A. Brox and Jeremy Leonard (May 14th, 2009) Shoring Up the Competitive Posture of Canadian Manufacturers PDF North Africans encounter barriers and discrimination in Quebec's job market: Study calls for intercultural training for local employment counsellors Annick Lenoir-Achdjian, Sébastien Arcand, Denise Helly, Isabelle Drainville et Michèle Vatz Laaroussi (March 26th, 2009) Les difficultés d’insertion en emploi des immigrants du Maghreb au Québec PDF Muslims struggling to balance faith with Western life: New study focuses on factors for successful integration Karim H. Karim (February 26th, 2009) Changing Perceptions of Islamic Authority among Muslims in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom PDF E-consultation necessary to counteract democratic deficit: Study says on-line forums increase public involvement in decision-making Joseph Peters and Manon Abud, with commentaries by Kathleen McNutt and Colin McKay (January 8th, 2009) E-Consultation PDF New factors at play in third party surge in 2007 Quebec election Éric Bélanger et Richard Nadeau (November 25th, 2008) La montée des tiers partis au Québec à l’élection de 2007 PDF Study shows at-risk children get boost from daycare: Early intervention counteracts effects of multiple risk factors in preschoolers Christa Japel (November 13th, 2008) Factors of Risk, Vulnerability and School Readiness among Preschoolers PDF There needs to be a public dialogue over Senate reform: Study says election would alter legitimacy and representation of Senate Bruce M. Hicks and André Blais (November 6th, 2008) Restructuring the Canadian Senate through Elections PDF The time is now for Canada to invest against terrorism David A. Charters (October 30th, 2008) The (Un)Peaceable Kingdom? PDF Academic research needs more business input: Canada must improve commercial prospects for university-developed technologies Jorge Niosi, with commentaries by Indira V. Samarasekera and Ilse Treurnicht (October 28th, 2008) Connecting the Dots between University Research and Industrial Innovation PDF News Release Miles Corak (October 9th, 2008) Immigration in the Long Run PDF Canadian families need better, more affordable child care: Direct funding of child care facilities will have greatest positive impact Gordon Cleveland, Barry Forer, Douglas Hyatt, Christa Japel and Michael Krashinsky (October 7th, 2008) New Evidence about Child Care in Canada PDF Scope of the spending power remains unresolved: Longstanding attempts to restrict federal spending power unsuccessful Hamish Telford, Peter Graefe and Keith Banting (September 30th, 2008) Defining the Federal Government’s Role in Social Policy PDF Direct election of senators not essential for effective reform: Study explores changes that could enhance Senate's legitimacy Campbell Sharman (September 23rd, 2008) Political Legitimacy for an Appointed Senate PDF Canadian sovereignty at a crossroads in the Arctic Expert says it's time to get serious about asserting our claim to the Arctic Rob Huebert (September 15th, 2008) Canada and the Changing International Arctic PDF Immigrants struggling to succeed in Toronto: Study shows city's integration problems are known but not resolved Nan Weiner (September 8th, 2008) Breaking Down Barriers to Labour Market Integration of Newcomers in Toronto PDF Need for shift from sovereignty to stewardship in the Arctic Franklyn Griffiths (September 5th, 2008) Canadian Arctic Sovereignty PDF After James Bay: Aboriginal people only marginally better off Martin Papillon (August 26th, 2008) Aboriginal Quality of Life Under a Modern Treaty PDF Canada's crumbling public infrastructure hurting productivity James A. Brox (August 21st, 2008) Infrastructure Investment PDF Poor living conditions mean bleak future for Aboriginal kids: Study calls for more broad community-led programs to address crisis Jessica Ball (June 26th, 2008) Promoting Equity and Dignity for Aboriginal Children in Canada PDF Limiting federal spending power easier said than done Thomas J. Courchene (June 5th, 2008) Reflections on the Federal Spending Power PDF After Arar: study finds major pieces of unfinished business Reg Whitaker (May 28th, 2008) Arar: The Affair, the Inquiry, the Aftermath PDF Canada needs new review process for anti-terrorism laws: Study finds national security laws lack independent expert review Craig Forcese (May 22nd, 2008) Fixing the Deficiencies in Parliamentary Review of Anti-terrorism Law PDF Off-reserve Aboriginal people living in unfit homes: Study finds dire need for improvement to Aboriginal housing in cities Ryan Walker (May 16th, 2008) Social Housing and the Role of Aboriginal Organizations in Canadian Cities PDF Immigrant skills wastage due to flawed selection: Study points to Australia as model of economic selection policy Lesleyanne Hawthorne (May 12th, 2008) The Impact of Economic Selection Policy on Labour Market Outcomes for Degree-Qualified Migrants in Canada and Australia PDF Innovation gap a major threat to economic prosperity Donald G. McFetridge (April 17th, 2008) Innovation and the Productivity Problem PDF Programs to Support Economic Integration of Immigrants in Montreal Are Inadequate, says IRPP Study: Provincial budget is a step in the right direction, but underfunding and fragmentation of programs remain, according to Marie-Thérèse Chicha and Éric Charest Marie-Thérèse Chicha et Éric Charest (March 18th, 2008) L’intégration des immigrés sur le marché du travail à Montréal PDF Full Income Splitting for Taxation of Couples a Bad Idea, Says IRPP Study: Such a move would create new inequities among taxpayers and discourage women from entering the labour force, concludes Jonathan Kesselman Jonathan R. Kesselman (February 20th, 2008) Income Splitting and Joint Taxation of Couples PDF Canada Must Establish a Universal Early Childhood Education System: Aging workforce and declining birthrate mean that the country's future prosperity necessitates a major investment in the next g eneration, says IRPP study Gillian Doherty (December 6th, 2007) Ensuring the Best Start in Life PDF Compulsory Voting Does Not Lead to a More Informed Electorate Henry Milner, Peter John Loewen and Bruce M. Hicks (November 27th, 2007) The Paradox of Compulsory Voting PDF Young Canadians Score Only Slightly Higher than Their American Counterparts on Political Knowledge Test Henry Milner (November 15th, 2007) Political Knowledge and Participation Among Young Canadians and Americans PDF Foreign Work Experience Scores High Points in Canada's Immigrant Selection Process but Is Discounted by Employers Brahim Boudarbat et Maude Boulet (November 7th, 2007) Détérioration des salaires des nouveaux immigrants au Québec par rapport à l’Ontario et à la Colombie-Britannique PDF Canada's Aboriginal Peoples Are Making Gains in Health Policies and Programs: Many First Nations communities are running their own programs, but bureaucratic obstacles curb autonomy Bruce Minore and Mae Katt (October 23rd, 2007) Aboriginal Health Care in Northern Ontario PDF On the Whole Canada's Approach to Recognizing and Accommodating Diversity is Working Still, warning signs must be heeded and greater emphasis placed upon combatting the inequalities minorities face Keith Banting, Thomas J. Courchene and F. Leslie Seidle (September 18th, 2007) Diversity, Belonging and Shared Citizenship PDF Inadequacies of Parliament Highlighted in Review of Anti-terrorism Act: Overly partisan debate in the House of Commons suggests that the Federal Court may be the place to craft and review security legislation Kent Roach (September 10th, 2007) Better Late Than Never? PDF Canada Must Do More to Recognize and Promote the Economic Contributions of Aboriginal Women: Assessment of economic development initiatives should cover social, cultural and environmental considerations Isobel M. Findlay and Wanda Wuttunee (August 21st, 2007) Aboriginal Women’s Community Economic Development PDF Canada's Cities Lack the Means to Prosper in the Global Knowledge Economy Thomas J. Courchene (June 19th, 2007) Global Futures for Canada’s Global Cities PDF Immigrants Falling through the Cracks, says IRPP Study: Federal government needs to play a strategic role in coordinating the multiple layers of organizations, programs and services aimed at improving immigrants' employment outcomes Naomi Alboim and Elizabeth McIsaac (May 22nd, 2007) Making the Connections PDF The Family Benefit Packages in Alberta and BC Do Not Measure Up: Investing in universally accessible child care services would bring these wealthy provinces closer to other industrialized countries in terms of support for families Paul Kershaw (March 7th, 2007) Measuring Up PDF Votes of Urban Visible Minorities Are Worth Less Than Those of Other Canadians Michael Pal and Sujit Choudhry (January 18th, 2007) Is Every Ballot Equal? PDF Approaches Aimed at Integrating Newcomers into Canadian Society Must Improve: Visible minority immigrants and their children are less integrated than are their White counterparts, due in part to a sense of exclusion Jeffrey G. Reitz and Rupa Banerjee (January 11th, 2007) Racial Inequality, Social Cohesion and Policy Issues in Canada PDF On the Whole Canada Is Doing a Good Job on Social Integration of Newcomers: Still, the fact that certain groups do not feel fully accepted is cause for concern Stuart N. Soroka, Richard Johnston and Keith Banting (December 12th, 2006) Ties that Bind? PDF The National Dialogue on Health Care Needs Fresh Approaches and New Evidence: The time has come to go beyond the polarizing debates of yesteryear and design policies around objective evidence Edited by Charles M. Beach, Richard P. Chaykowski, Sam Shortt, France St-Hilaire and Arthur Sweetman (December 1st, 2006) Health Services Restructuring in Canada PDF 40 Years of Talk and Study Have Done Little to Improve the Quality of Life of Aboriginal People Daniel Salée, with the assistance of David Newhouse and Carole Lévesque (November 28th, 2006) Quality of Life of Aboriginal People in Canada PDF No Evidence Urban Aboriginal People are Overwhelmingly Living in Isolated, Poor Neighbourhoods: First Nations and Métis cultures can thrive in cities, contends Evelyn Peters Evelyn J. Peters, with commentary by John Richards (November 16th, 2006) First Nations and Métis People and Diversity in Canadian Cities PDF Inequities in Voter Turnout and Political Representation in Post-merger Toronto Present a "Disturbing" Problem Bruce M. Hicks (November 9th, 2006) Are Marginalized Communities Disenfranchised? PDF IRPP Releases Study on the Management of Diversity in Canadian Cities: Formidable challenges face Canadian cities, and the key will be collaboration among all levels of government and other sectors Katherine A.H. Graham and Susan D. Phillips (November 1st, 2006) Another Fine Balance PDF Socioeconomic Disparities in Educational Outcomes Far Greater Than Previously Believed, Says IRPP Study Marni Brownell, Noralou Roos, Randy Fransoo et al. (October 25th, 2006) Is the Class Half Empty? PDF IRPP Study Examines the Partially Realized Promise of Shared Governance in Canada Susan D. Phillips (August 31st, 2006) The Intersection of Governance and Citizenship in Canada PDF Thomas J. Courchene Examines the Links Between High Energy Prices and Equalization Thomas J. Courchene (August 28th, 2006) Energy Prices, Equalization and Canadian Federalism PDF IRPP Study Examines the Integration of Immigrants: Lessons from recent trends in western Europe Christian Joppke (June 29th, 2006) Immigrants and Civic Integration in Western Europe PDF IRPP Releases Two Studies on the Importance of Political Parties to Canadian Democracy: The decline of party membership and citizens' engagement does not bode well for Canada William Cross and Lisa Young (June 13th, 2006) Are Canadian Political Parties Empty Vessels? PDF News Release R. Kenneth Carty (June 13th, 2006) The Shifting Place of Political Parties in Canadian Public Life PDF IRPP Study Examines the Role Academics Can Play in the Policy-Making Process: Influence is indirect, political context is critical and there is a strong need for advocacy coalitions, says author Daniel Cohn Daniel Cohn (May 1st, 2006) Jumping into the Political Fray PDF IRPP Study Illustrates Enthusiasm but Lack of Consensus Over Democratic Reform Among Political Elites: Conservatives at odds with other parties and the public on how to strengthen Canadian democracy Jerome H. Black and Bruce M. Hicks (March 14th, 2006) Strengthening Canadian Democracy PDF Canada Risks Eroding Fundamental Rights of Asylum Seekers in the Name of Security Concerns, Says IRPP Study: François Crépeau and Delphine Nakache warn that use of security certificates denies basic Charter rights to foreign nationals François Crépeau and Delphine Nakache (February 21st, 2006) Controlling Irregular Migration in Canada PDF Fiscal Imbalances and Budget Accountability: Two Issues That Await the New Finance Minister Thomas J. Courchene (February 15th, 2006) Accountability and Federalism in the Era of Federal Surpluses PDF IRPP Study Calls on Canada to Reinforce 3-D Approach to Help Build Lasting Peace in Kosovo Julian Wright (January 17th, 2006) Lost in Transition PDF New IRPP Report Sheds Light on Worrying Quality Gaps in Quebec's Child Care System Christa Japel, Richard E. Tremblay and Sylvana Côté (December 13th, 2005) Quality Counts! PDF Fixed Election Dates Key Element in Addressing Voter Cynicism and Low Turnout Henry Milner (December 7th, 2005) Fixing Canada’s Unfixed Election Dates PDF IRPP Study Proposes New Public Health Legislation to Help Ottawa Better Prepare for the Next Pandemic Kumanan Wilson and Harvey Lazar (November 15th, 2005) Planning for the Next Pandemic Threat PDF IRPP Releases Case Studies on the Role of International Democratic Development George Perlin, Ann Masson and Robert Miller (November 1st, 2005) The Role of NGOs in International Democratic Development PDF IRPP Study Says Criteria in Canada's International Policy Statement Are Not Well Suited to Democratization Agenda Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom (September 21st, 2005) Hard Choices, Good Causes PDF IRPP Study Urges New Thinking on the Treatment of Resource Revenues in Equalization Thomas J. Courchene (August 31st, 2005) Resource Revenues and Equalization PDF New IRPP Book Offers Insiders' Account of the Ontario Health Services Restructuring Commission's Experience Duncan Sinclair, Mark Rochon and Peggy Leatt (August 15th, 2005) Riding the Third Rail PDF New IRPP Collection Looks at Foreign and Defence Policy Options and Challenges Edited by Hugh Segal (August 6th, 2005) Geopolitical Integrity PDF Canada in Afghanistan: IRPP Releases Report Assessing the 3-D Approach Julian Wright (July 25th, 2005) Canada in Afghanistan PDF Federal Gas Tax Transfer Discriminates against Canada's Global City-Regions Thomas J. Courchene (June 21st, 2005) Citistates and the State of Cities PDF Political Dropout Rate Among Youth in Canada is Acute Problem: IRPP study says poor political knowledge is to blame and proposes ways to redress it Henry Milner (June 13th, 2005) Are Young Canadians Becoming Political Dropouts? PDF “Dysfunctional Effects” of Federal-Provincial Fiscal Imbalance Harm Effective Social Policymaking France St-Hilaire (May 26th, 2005) Fiscal Gaps and Imbalances PDF IRPP Expert Tells Standing Committee on Finance that Premier McGuinty Is Right: Ontario Is Progressively Being Saddled with Fiscal Imbalance Thomas J. Courchene (May 4th, 2005) Vertical and Horizontal Fiscal Imbalances PDF Study Says Canada's Foreign Policy Must Recognize Interdependence of Human Rights and Democracy Nancy Thede (May 3rd, 2005) Human Rights and Democracy PDF Two IRPP Studies Explore Links Between Democracy Promotion, Economic Development and Peace-Building David Gillies (April 11th, 2005) Democracy and Economic Development PDF Two IRPP Studies Explore Links Between Democracy Promotion, Economic Development and Peace-Building Jane Boulden (April 11th, 2005) Democracy and Peace-Building PDF Unintended Impact of Peacekeeping Missions on Organized Crime Requires Vigilance Irv Marucelj (March 29th, 2005) Mature Peacekeeping Operations as Facilitators of Organized Crime PDF IRPP Releases Study on North American Relations as Backgrounder to Canada-US-Mexico Meeting Thomas J. Courchene (March 21st, 2005) Thinking North America PDF Study Calls on Ottawa to Give Navy a Leading Role in Addressing Security Threats at Home and Abroad: Now more than ever Canada needs a navy for all seas, says Joel Sokolsky Joel J. Sokolsky (March 1st, 2005) Guarding the Continental Coasts PDF Study Reveals Low Returns on Immigrants' Foreign Education and Experience: Overcoming some of the causes, especially those that stem from market failures, will require government leadership and intervention Naomi Alboim, Ross Finnie and Ronald Meng (February 8th, 2005) The Discounting of Immigrants’ Skills in Canada PDF Unrecognized Qualifications and Unutilized Skills Constrain Immigrants' Prospects in Canada: Remedial action must be taken now since solutions are complex and require time to implement, study says Jeffrey G. Reitz (January 31st, 2005) Tapping Immigrants’ Skills PDF No Such Thing As Separate Political and Economic Categories In North American Integration John N. McDougall (January 19th, 2005) The Long-Run Determinants of Deep/Political Canada-US Integration PDF No Such Thing As Separate Political and Economic Categories In North American Integration Jennifer M. Welsh, with commentary by Dorval Brunelle (January 19th, 2005) North American Citizenship PDF Three New Studies Review Need for NAFTA Upgrade: Different Perspectives from Different Scholars Thomas J. Courchene (January 12th, 2005) FTA at 15, NAFTA at 10 PDF Three New Studies Review Need for NAFTA Upgrade: Different Perspectives from Different Scholars Armand de Mestral and Jan Winter (January 12th, 2005) Giving Direct Effect to NAFTA PDF Three New Studies Review Need for NAFTA Upgrade: Different Perspectives from Different Scholars Robert Wolfe (January 12th, 2005) Where’s the Beef? PDF Strategic Vision will improve Canada's Naval Capacity to Serve Flexible Foreign Policy: Phased Modernization Programme Proposed Peter T. Haydon (November 29th, 2004) Canadian Naval Future PDF Canada Can Do More and Better For Democracy Promotion Abroad Gerald J. Schmitz (November 24th, 2004) The Role of International Democracy Promotion in Canada’s Foreign Policy PDF Canada Must Fix Its Accountability Framework to Cure the Democratic Deficit Thomas S. Axworthy (October 25th, 2004) Addressing the Accountability Deficit PDF Natural Resource Revenues Are Key To New Equalization Program: Oil and gas, potash and hydroelectric revenues will be contentious issues in federal-provincial talks next week Wade Locke and Paul Hobson (October 22nd, 2004) An Examination of the Interaction between Natural Resource Revenues and Equalization Payments PDF Quebec's Public Debt Level Mortgages Its Future: Quebec must adopt an ambitious policy to reduce its debt burden, say authors of a new IRPP study Marcelin Joanis et Claude Montmarquette (October 21st, 2004) La dette publique PDF What Is The Reality of North American Integration? Edited by Stephen Blank, Stephanie R. Golob and Guy Stanley (September 28th, 2004) Mapping the New North American Reality PDF Quebec and BC Lead the Way in Electoral Reform Initiatives Henry Milner (September 9th, 2004) First Past the Post? PDF Upcoming Health Summit a “Defining Moment” for Federal-Provincial Relations, Says IRPP Working Paper : Provincial pharmacare proposal should be “welcomed” by Ottawa Thomas J. Courchene (September 7th, 2004) The Changing Nature of Quebec-Canada Relations PDF Competition In Service Delivery Essential to Preserving Publicly-Funded Health Care in Canada, Says IRPP Study Michael J. L. Kirby and Wilbert Keon (August 30th, 2004) Why Competition Is Essential in the Delivery of Publicly Funded Health Care Services PDF Canada Needs A New Student Financial Aid Architecture: Complex and poorly targeted, the current system does not deliver necessary amounts of assistance to those who need it Ross Finnie, Alex Usher and Hans Vossensteyn (August 24th, 2004) Meeting the Need PDF Excessive Costs of Border Congestion a Growing Threat to Canada-US Trade Norman Bonsor (August 17th, 2004) Fixing the Potholes in North American Transportation Systems PDF NAFTA Sanctions Point in the Wrong Direction Safeguard mechanisms under NAFTA and NAAEC do not address the more threatening pressures associated with income and scale effects on environmental quality Scott Vaughan, with commentary by Debora L. VanNijnatten (August 11th, 2004) Thinking North American Environmental Management PDF Unrealistic Business Models and Misguided Regulatory Oversight Led to Telecommunications Collapse: Future competition will be driven by technological innovation, not regulatory actions, says author Yves Rabeau (August 5th, 2004) The Schumpeterian Wave In Telecommunications PDF States Can Reach Common Objectives in New Globalized Space: Domestic and international regulations play off each other outside traditional territoriality, study shows Allison Young (August 3rd, 2004) Beyond Zero Sum PDF Canada's Foreign Aid Strategy Must Link Security and Development Ann M. Fitz-Gerald (July 27th, 2004) Addressing the Security-Development Nexus PDF IRPP Working Paper Examines the Increasing Complexity of Federal Involvement in Social Programs Stephen Laurent and François Vaillancourt (July 21st, 2004) Federal-Provincial Transfers for Social Programs in Canada PDF Harmonizing Immigration Policy Would Stifle Canada's Flexibility, Focus and Innovation: Study finds that immigration has long-term impact on economic and social development Alan G. Green (July 20th, 2004) Beyond Harmonization PDF Fiscal Sustainability of Canada's Health Care System Must Be Addressed before Crisis Hits Janice MacKinnon (July 13th, 2004) The Arithmetic of Health Care PDF IRPP Study Calls For a “Homeland First” Approach to Defence Policy Joel J. Sokolsky (June 7th, 2004) Realism Canadian Style PDF IRPP Study Calls for a Defence Policy That Prioritizes Threats and Addresses Force Structure Issues Sean M. Maloney (May 12th, 2004) Force Structure or Forced Structure? PDF Study finds that although Bill C-3 conforms to the Supreme Court ruling, it remains silent on two fundamental questions. Heather MacIvor (May 4th, 2004) The Charter of Rights and Party Politics PDF Security, Intelligence and Trade Priorities Now More Powerful in Shaping Immigration Policy Than Employment and Growth: Prospective immigrants divided into two classes Hélène Pellerin (April 1st, 2004) Economic Integration and Security PDF The Process of North American Integration Requires More Effective State, Provincial and Federal Consultation Earl H. Fry, with commentary by Gerald Boychuk (March 18th, 2004) The Role of Sub-National Governments in North American Integration PDF IRPP Study Calls for New Approaches to Managing Deepening Canada-US Integration Michael Hart (March 17th, 2004) A New Accommodation with the United States PDF IRPP's Proposed Treaty of North America Promotes Useful Security and Economic Links through a Framework Process that Asserts the Three Countries' Sovereignty Daniel Schwanen (March 17th, 2004) Deeper, Broader PDF New IRPP Study Proposes a Tax Strategy to Help Canada Become a “Northern Tiger”: The current tax burden falls too heavily on savings and investment, says one of Canada's top public finance experts Jonathan R. Kesselman (March 10th, 2004) Tax Design for a Northern Tiger PDF Study Says the Current Equalization Formula Confiscates Saskatchewan's Energy Revenues: These equalization clawbacks or tax-backs are nothing short of astounding, says IRPP Senior Scholar Thomas J. Courchene Thomas J. Courchene (March 4th, 2004) Confiscatory Equalization PDF Weak Parliamentary Oversight Detrimental to National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces: Limited parliamentary engagement on defence and foreign policies is no longer acceptable, authors conclude Douglas L. Bland and Roy Rempel (February 25th, 2004) A Vigilant Parliament PDF Globalization Thesis' Race to the Bottom Does Not Withstand Scrutiny Christian Lammert (February 4th, 2004) Modern Welfare States under Pressure PDF The Global Promotion of Democracy: Why It's Important and Who's Doing What: Study raises questions about Canada's future policy options George Perlin (December 11th, 2003) International Assistance to Democratic Development PDF IRPP Study Concludes that Canada's Military Is Well Placed to Push Canadian Interests in NORTHCOM Joseph T. Jockel (November 13th, 2003) Four US Military Commands PDF IRPP Study Argues that Canada Could Have Contributed to Operation Iraqi Freedom Sean M. 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Courchene (October 7th, 2003) Medicare as a Moral Enterprise PDF IRPP Study Suggests that Canada Support the American Ballistic Missile Defence to Preserve NORAD Philippe Lagassé (October 1st, 2003) The SORT Debate PDF Elections Canada's Permanent Voters List: Modernizing Initiative is Contributing to Lower Voter Turnout Jerome H. Black (August 21st, 2003) From Enumeration to the National Register of Electors PDF Cynicism and Confusion are Creating Morale Problems in Canada's Public Service, Say Authors Christian Rouillard (August 12th, 2003) From Cynicism to Organizational Disillusion PDF Cynicism and Confusion are Creating Morale Problems in Canada's Public Service, Say Authors Isabelle Fortier (August 12th, 2003) From Skepticism to Cynicism PDF Child Tax Benefit Ineffective in Addressing Child Poverty Pierre Lefebvre and Philip Merrigan (June 10th, 2003) Assessing Family Policy in Canada PDF Canada Should Build on Existing Institutions Rather than Seek an Overarching Deal with the US, Says New IRPP Study Robert Wolfe (April 24th, 2003) See You in Washington? PDF Effective Postwar Security and Reconstruction Requires Detailed and Integrated Early Planning, Says New IRPP Study Ann M. Fitz-Gerald (April 13th, 2003) Military and Postconflict Security PDF NAFTA's Chapter 11 (Investor-State) Arbitration Process in Need of Reform, Says New IRPP Study: But Experts Disagree on Need to Clarify Scope and Nature of Investor Protection Julie Soloway, with commentary by Chris Tollefson (March 6th, 2003) NAFTA’s Chapter 11 PDF Patients' Bill of Rights among Key Reforms Proposed to Speed Waiting Lists Colleen M. Flood, Tracey Epps (November 20th, 2002) A Patients’ Bill of Rights PDF More Direct Province-State Engagement Needed on Canada-US Integration Stephen de Boer (October 30th, 2002) Canadian Provinces, US States and North American Integration PDF New IRPP study says Canadians must abandon “comprehensiveness” in public health care Claude E. Forget (October 24th, 2002) Comprehensiveness in Public Health Care PDF Study Calls for New National Security Planning Framework W. D. Macnamara and Ann M. Fitz-Gerald (October 9th, 2002) A National Security Framework for Canada PDF New European Union Policy Processes Suggest Canadians May Undervalue Own Institutions Bruno Théret (July 30th, 2002) L’union sociale canadienne dans le miroir des politiques sociales de l’Union européenne PDF Canada's Fiscal Turnaround Is Remarkable but We Are Only Half-way Home: New IRPP Study by Thomas J. Courchene Gives Credit to Paul Martin for Deficit Targets, Prudent Forecasting and a Reformed Budgetary Process Thomas J. Courchene (July 3rd, 2002) Half-Way Home PDF Effective Peacekeeping by Canadian Forces Can Be Diminished by Uncertainty about Support from Home Ann M. Fitz-Gerald (July 1st, 2002) Multinational Land Force Interoperability PDF Under Present Funding Scenario Military Interoperability with the US Could Imperil Canada's Capacity to Deploy Canadian Forces Danford W. Middlemiss and Denis Stairs (June 11th, 2002) The Canadian Forces and the Doctrine of Interoperability PDF Canadian System Too Paternalistic, Says New Analysis of Health Care in Canada Kieke G.H. Okma (May 22nd, 2002) What Is the Best Public-Private Model for Canadian Health Care? PDF Empowering Reforms Needed for Parliament's Contribution to Budgetary Process Peter Dobell and Martin Ulrich (May 14th, 2002) Parliament’s Performance in the Budget Process PDF "Sailing in Concert": Canada-US Naval Interoperability After September 11: The new emphasis on homeland security increases the importance of US-Canada cooperation at sea Joel J. Sokolsky (April 25th, 2002) Sailing in Concert PDF Ensuring the Positive Benefits of Globalization: Humanizing the Tool Box of Progress and Cooperation Thomas J. Courchene (March 20th, 2002) Embedding Globalization PDF Negative Economic Impact of Aging Exaggerated, Says New IRPP Study: Stronger Economic Performance Could Result From an Aging Society Marcel Mérette (March 11th, 2002) The Bright Side PDF Critical Choices Necessary for Canada to be Part of Military and Diplomatic Coalitions Douglas L. Bland (February 21st, 2002) Canada and Military Coalitions PDF It's Time to Put the “Social” back in the “Social Union” Yves Vaillancourt (January 31st, 2002) Le modèle québécois de politiques sociales et ses interfaces avec l’Union sociale canadienne PDF Caught in a Vicious Circle: Quebec should re-engage in intergovernmental discussions to defend true federal principles Christian Dufour (January 29th, 2002) Restoring the Federal Principle PDF Can Citizens Become a “Third Force” in Canadian Federalism? Study Says Both Levels of Government Have “Failed Miserably” to Meet Their Promises of Citizen Engagement under SUFA Susan D. Phillips (December 18th, 2001) SUFA and Citizen Engagement PDF Brain Drain, Quality of Life in Canada are Intimately Linked, IRPP Study Shows Ross Finnie, with commentaries by Peter Kuhn, Peter Barrett, John F. Helliwell, David Stewart-Patterson and Daniel Schwanen (November 27th, 2001) The Brain Drain: Myth and Reality ? PDF SUFA: Intergovernmental Collaboration Is Much Less Evident than What Was Anticipated or Implied in the Agreement Alain Noël (November 14th, 2001) Power and Purpose in Intergovernmental Relations PDF Younger Canadians Disengaging from Canadian Democracy at Increasing Rates Brenda O'Neill (October 24th, 2001) Generational Patterns in the Political Opinions and Behaviour of Canadians PDF Longer Terms for Parliamentary Secretaries Would Make the House of Commons More Efficient and Productive Peter Dobell (September 19th, 2001) Parliamentary Secretaries PDF SUFA: The Sleeping Dog that Should be Left to Lie? Roger Gibbins (July 31st, 2001) Shifting Sands PDF IRPP Working Paper Highlights Centralising Potential of the Social Union Framework Agreement Alain Noël (April 5th, 2000) Without Quebec PDF
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