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Harper’s approval rating jumped 11 points in 2014, says poll (December 18, 2014) News Release PDF Award-winning journalist Dan Gardner becomes Policy Options editor (December 11, 2014) News Release PDF Policy Options editor Bruce Wallace to return to US-based journalism (December 10, 2014) News Release Provinces should provide full and universal pharmacare Steven G. Morgan, Jamie R. Daw and Michael R. Law (December 3, 2014) Are Income-Based Public Drug Benefit Programs Fit for an Aging Population? PDF Quebec must establish a clear policy on diversity and interculturalism François Rocher and Bob W. White (November 25, 2014) L’interculturalisme québécois dans le contexte du multiculturalisme canadien PDF Webinar: Experts discuss the future of long-term care in Quebec (October 28, 2014) News Release Long-term care in Quebec: Who is responsible? Government's reliance on families to compensate for shortfalls in services raises concerns Jean-Pierre Lavoie, avec la collaboration de Nancy Guberman et de Patrik Marier (September 3, 2014) La responsabilité des soins aux aînés au Québec PDF Drummond says leadership and coordination are key to improving Canada’s labour market information Don Drummond (June 11, 2014) Wanted: Good Canadian Labour Market Information Study says end the live-in requirement for the federal caregiver program Jelena Atanackovic and Ivy Lynn Bourgeault (April 16, 2014) Economic and Social Integration of Immigrant Live-in Caregivers in Canada PDF Filipino youth face significant barriers to social mobility, says study Philip Kelly (February 19, 2014) Understanding Intergenerational Social Mobility PDF Age-friendly-community strategies should target healthy middle-class seniors Stephen M. Golant (February 13, 2014) Age-Friendly Communities PDF Recent moves to make Canada’s citizenship rules more restrictive are sending the wrong message, says study Elke Winter (January 16, 2014) Becoming Canadian PDF
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