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Taxing the 1 percent: provinces should leave it to the feds Kevin Milligan and Michael Smart (Wednesday November 25th, 2015) Provincial Taxation of High Incomes Visible minority immigrants more likely than majority population to embrace national vision of Canada Antoine Bilodeau, Luc Turgeon, Stephen E. White and Ailsa Henderson (Wednesday November 18th, 2015) Seeing the Same Canada? Visible Minorities’ Views of the Federation It’s time for Canada to get serious about China Wendy Dobson and Paul Evans (Tuesday November 17th, 2015) The Future of Canada’s Relationship with China Eliminate the “four-in, four-out" rule for migrant workers Delphine Nakache and Leanne Dixon-Perera (Tuesday October 27th, 2015) Temporary or Transitional? Migrant Workers’ Experiences with Permanent Residence in Canada Ottawa must take the lead on national seniors strategy IRPP Task Force on Aging (Wednesday October 7th, 2015) Designing a National Seniors Strategy for Canada Canada’s adult education and training system needs overhaul Torben Drewes and Tyler Meredith (Friday September 25th, 2015) If at First You Don’t Succeed: Toward an Adult Education and Training Strategy for Canada Sustainable development closely linked to global trading system Scott Vaughan (Thursday September 24th, 2015) Trade and Sustainable Development Canada must do a better job supporting workers and their employers when someone gets sick Tyler Meredith and Colin Chia (Thursday September 3rd, 2015) Leaving Some Behind: What Happens When Workers Get Sick India should be a priority market for Canada, says study Someshwar Rao and Stephen Tapp (Thursday August 20th, 2015) The Potential to Grow Canada-India Economic Linkages Canada’s ethnic neighbourhoods are not ghettos, says study Daniel Hiebert (Wednesday August 19th, 2015) Ethnocultural Minority Enclaves in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Broken EI system needs to be overhauled: Michel Bédard and Pierre Fortin Michel Bédard et Pierre Fortin (Thursday July 23rd, 2015) Onze propositions pour un meilleur régime d’assurance-emploi Fast income growth of Canada's top 1 percent driven by finance and business services sector Thomas Lemieux and W. Craig Riddell (Thursday July 9th, 2015) Who Are Canada’s Top 1 Percent? More education won't solve rising inequality and may make it worse Kelly Foley and David A. Green (Friday June 26th, 2015) Why More Education Will Not Solve Rising Inequality (and May Make It Worse) PDF Income gap widened in 1990s after cuts to social assistance and EI Andrew Heisz and Brian Murphy (Thursday June 4th, 2015) The Role of Taxes and Transfers in Reducing Income Inequality PDF Doing business abroad enhances productivity at home John R. Baldwin and Beiling Yan (Thursday May 28th, 2015) Trade and Productivity: Insights from Canadian Firm-Level Data PDF Doing business abroad enhances productivity at home Beverly Lapham (Thursday May 28th, 2015) International Trade with Firm Heterogeneity PDF Federal election will set policy direction on income inequality Keith Banting and John Myles (Thursday May 21st, 2015) Framing the New Inequality PDF Canadian companies are doing more business overseas, says study Daniel Koldyk, Lewis M. Quinn and Todd Evans (Wednesday May 20th, 2015) Chasing the Chain: Canada’s Pursuit of Global Value Chains PDF Exercise caution on trade deals, says study Emily J. Blanchard (Thursday May 7th, 2015) Leveraging Global Supply Chains in Canadian Trade Policy PDF Study urges governments to modernize their trade policies Ari Van Assche (Tuesday April 28th, 2015) Global Value Chains and the Rise of a Supply Chain Mindset PDF Trade expert explores implications of globalized production for Canadian policy (Monday April 27th, 2015) News Release PDF IRPP expert available to comment on Modi’s historic visit (Monday April 13th, 2015) News Release PDF Canada's welfare state needs transformation, not more tinkering Peter Hicks (Thursday April 9th, 2015) The Enabling Society PDF Study urges cities to abandon seniors' discounts Harry Kitchen (Friday February 27th, 2015) No Seniors’ Specials: Financing Municipal Services in Aging Communities PDF
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