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Two Freedoms: Canada’s Global Future, with Hugh Segal

two freedoms

In April 2016, the IRPP partnered with the Ottawa International Writers Festival for the launch of Hugh Segal’s book, Two Freedoms: Canada’s Global Future, a bold call for a Canadian foreign policy that advances the basic freedoms that enable peace, stability, development and security.

What ends should a democratic country’s foreign policy serve? Avoiding diplomatic disputes? Keeping allies happy? Promoting national and global security? While a qualified yes is the logical answer to all of these secondary questions, Segal argues for something more, something that reflects Canada’s commitment, at home and abroad, to the two key freedoms: freedom from want and freedom from fear.

A conversation with Hugh Segal, a great friend and former president of the IRPP, was facilitated by award-winning journalist and Policy Options Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Ditchburn.

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14 avril 2016

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