Edited by Frances Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Seidle and France St-Hilaire
This volume explores the elements of what an integrated northern strategy. It examines Arctic sovereignty, climate change, science policy, Aboriginal and public governance, economic development, and human capital and education. Its focus on the views and perspectives of northerners is unique. Some chapters are available online. To purchase a copy, please visit the IRPP store.

Introduction and OverviewFrances Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Seidle and France St-Hilaire
Northern Development: Past, Present and FutureFrances Abele
A Principled Path SheilaWatt-Cloutier
The Inuit and Issues of Arctic SovereigntyViolet Ford
Arctic Science, Nation-Building and CitizenshipMichael T. Bravo
The Arctic: A Model for Science Cooperation?Hanne K. Petersen
Economic Development in Northern Canada: Challenges and OpportunitiesTerry Fenge
Navigating and Managing Economic, Environmental and Social Change in the Inuvialuit Settlement RegionNellie J. Cournoyea
Diamond Mining in the Northwest Territories: An Industry Perspective on Making the Most of Northern Resource DevelopmentTom Hoefer
Aligning Petroleum Sector Activities with Northern Regulatory RequirementsGordon Erlandson
Climate Change, Sovereignty and Partnership with the InuitMary Simon
Challenges and Expectations in the Canadian NorthRichard J. Van Loon
A Fog Hangs over ArcticWaters Tony Penikett
The Changing Architecture of Governance in Yukon and the Northwest TerritoriesDoug McArthur
Living Up to the Spirit of Modern Treaties? Implementation and Institutional Development StephanieIrlbacher-Fox and Stephen J. Mills
Governance in the Western NorthGeorge Braden
Gonaewo – Our Way of LifeJohn B. Zoe
Self-Government, the Northern Environment and Aboriginal CultureDanny Gaudet
Nunavut and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region: Differing Models of Northern GovernanceGraham White
The Long and Winding Road to Self-Government: The Nunavik and Nunatsiavut ExperiencesThierry Rodon and Minnie Grey
Natural Resource Devolution in the Territories: Current Status and Unresolved IssuesJames P. Feehan
Education: A Critical Foundation for a Sustainable NorthGreg Poelzer
Toward More Effective, Evidence-Based Suicide Prevention in NunavutJack Hicks
The Next GenerationUdloriak Hanson
Arctic Indigenous Peoples and the Reconciliation of Past and PresentElaine Alexie
We Inuit Must Unlock Our Success InstinctGeorge Berthe
Global Warming and the Threat to Inuit CultureLaura MacKenzie
Inuit Values and the Implementation of Land Claims AgreementsNatan Obed
Climate Change and Sustainable Management of Yukon Forest ResourcesAynslie Ogden