Is It Time to Reinvent Employment Insurance?
Working Lunch
January 22, 2014

Employment insurance is one of the most important levers for labour market policy in Canada. With a changing labour market, slowing labour force growth and persistent concerns from employers that Canada’s workforce lacks skills in a number of areas, what is the future role for this program? Is it time to reinvent EI? On January 22, 2014, the IRPP asked these important questions in a panel discussion. The panel included:

  • Honourable Diane Bellemare, senator and author of Créer et partager la prospérité: sortir l’économie canadienne de l’impasse (2013)
  • Cliff Halliwell, former director general (policy research), Employment and Social Development Canad, and author of the recent IRPP study No Shortage of Opportunity: Policy Ideas to Strengthen Canada’s Labour Market in the Coming Decade
  • Gregory Thomas, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which published Unmasking Employment Insurance: How EI Increases Unemployment and Steals Billions from Working Canadians (November 2013)







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