Bridges or walls — what is the future of the North American relationship?

On June 6, Policy Options magazine, a digital publication of the Institute for Research on Public Policy, hosted a luncheon and panel discussion on the topic of the North American trilateral relationship. The event couldn’t be timelier, taking place as it did a few weeks before the meeting in Ottawa of the Canadian, US and Mexican leaders. Energy and the environment; the cross-border movement of business people, tourists and students; innovation; and the anti-NAFTA rhetoric emerging from the US election campaign are just some of the issues swirling around the so-called Three Amigos summit.

Several panellists put the summit into perspective, including Kevin Thompson (Executive Director, North America Policy and Relations, at Canada’s Department of Global Affairs); Yvonne Stinson Ortiz (trade representative for the Mexican Ministry of the Economy and the Mexican NAFTA office in Canada); Steven Zate (Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs at the US mission to Canada); Agustín Barrios Gómez  (president of the Fundación Imagen de México [Mexico Image Foundation] and former member of the Mexican federal congress); and Céline Bak (president, Analytica Advisors). The panel was moderated by Jennifer Ditchburn, editor-in-chief of Policy Options.





Date and time

Jun 6, 2016




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