Contents The Age of Man Bruce Wallace The decline of Canadian economics Herb Emery, Wayne Simpson and Stephen Tapp A stamp of approval for reducing wage inequality Katie Ragan Fix, don’t axe, the Senate Donald J. Savoie Rendements privés, risques publics Alain Noël The paradoxes of pop science Timothy Caulfield The Age of Man – A collection Mapping the Anthropocene: Visualizing how humans are embedded in nature Erle Ellis, Navin Ramankutty and Chad Monfreda
We can see and measure the extent of the human footprint on the planet. One of the best ways to grasp the concept of the Anthropocene is to map it.
Toward a new conservation Kent H. Redford et al.
How will synthetic biology and conservation shape the future of nature?
Nature answers man Harvey Locke
Those who argue we can manage the planet’s ecosystems are flirting with danger. The underlying science doesn’t lie.
Obama’s Climate Action Plan: Accept a hotter planet John Stewart
The President has effectively committed the US to several more decades of an economy dependent on burning fossil fuels.
Feed the bears? Ed Struzik
With sea ice in retreat at northern latitudes, some scientists are warning that bold human intervention may be required to help polar bear populations survive the loss of habitat.
The nuclear fix Robert Stone
An interview with Robert Stone, the director of the controversial documentary Pandora’s Promise, which asks us to revisit nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuel addiction.
The myth of conservative Canada Michael Adams
Much has been made of a purported rightward shift in Canadian values. But research shows that Canadians still want government in their lives, and a majority are not embracing conservative social values.
It's the incentives, stupid Tyson Vandament
The shortcomings of Aboriginal governance are the result of a flawed system driven by perverse incentives.
Time for a Canadian metropolitan revolution Alex Mazer
Despite recent scandals with some infamous mayors, our cities are still the best place for innovative solutions to some of our most pressing problems.
The city that never suffers Tyler Meredith Don’t forget who you’re talking to Michael Ledeen
A prominent US foreign policy scholar warns against heeding calls from the blue-ribbon Iran Project, a group dedicated to improving relations between the US and Iranian governments.
In wake of conflict, education denied United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization The UN made them sick Yale Law School Being good to be happy Jeffrey Sachs Chemical combat Interview with Lester Stevens, 8th Battalion, Canadian Division