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1.0 – create FB2 – Bykaed

grass – 10 g a


4 cups flour 4. Art Oil liter 2.21 hours .. A. stevizioda 2 11 cups of milk or water 0

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. eggs, 20 g yeast and a half hour www.innovativepharms.com

4. If the disease affects the limbs, and then decide whether any of the seals born there.

the form of non-contagious inflammation of the heart muscle occurs when the body is exposed to foreign protein. So, myocarditis may occur after eating to use sulfonamides or serum, to give, if the body against these drugs, t rises. When E. serve as allergens.

This system is very weak, the sick torture, talkative, after rotation, and dizzy for a moment – do not be afraid. This is a normal physiological response to the rotation principle. Turn a small head after rotation, but became longer and stronger, if the turns in one direction. Rotation in the opposite direction diverges dizzy! When you show me after 50 laps to turn your head to the left and right, and 50 nods back and forth, and dizziness.

hardening of the heart is often a type of hardening of the arteries of the year. This hardening of the arteries mainly affecting the blood vessels of the heart. Therefore, treatment of infarction, and atherosclerosis is not much different between them. The only difference in treatment is that the main focus is the hardening of the heart drug addiction, and the elimination of pain and irregular heartbeat.

The fruits of star anise – Part 2

spend time and effort to eliminate gaps in their medical training did not. However, the growing abyss of chronic disease in our country and around the world, and we see that continuing to maintain reduced food, health and hygiene and the role of patient care dictated by the urgent need serious, experienced, and that involves discussing the latest scientific knowledge to be a minor problem.

Sometimes the treatment of copper plates in patients with an interesting phenomenon was observed: copper plate spontaneously change the site “becomes” the minute. This indicates that treatment with the task correctly, but no record is made on the site. The factory itself, “corrects” the patient.

2 cup flour – 1/2 cup sour cream chapter 0.4. L. powder 0.100 Stevioside 125 grams of butter or margarine, half an hour. A. Soda, vanilla half bag.

milk, cream, egg yolks, stevioside powder and salt and brandy and mix well and gradually vsyp flour, knead the dough. Put the dough into a thin, like pasta, cut into thin slices 10-12 centimeters, and deceive them, folded in 2-3 segments together to connect the ends of small proteins lubricants. You can cut the dough into roses; To do this, cut out circles of different size, and put one above the other in the center of the pin, and the edges of the circles to make cracks.

Ӣ prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Honey put in a pot, stevioside, butter or margarine. Add the water and heating the mixture with stirring to about 75 ° C, medium flour and spices are added and mix well with a wooden spoon until smooth, cool, and add one egg and mix well and let soda, and dilute with 1 tbsp. A. In water, add the remaining flour and mix well to get a smooth and flexible and not too stiff. Roll out the dough thickness completion rectangular layer 1-11 / 2 cm and use a rolling pin and transfer to a baking sheet, greased. Fat ginger with beaten eggs (yolk), is pierced with a fork in several places. Bake at a moderate temperature of 190 to 200 ° C for 30-40 minutes. After baking gingerbread cut into squares, rectangles of all sizes.

treatment of organic and inorganic factors pathogens

healing tea used to increase the excitability of nerves:

Jerusalem artichoke soup with celery and

strokes occur in the elderly. It includes the names of the candidates head aches, eyes darkening, confusion, and confusion.

– pumping of dried leaves of lemon balm (2 tablespoons per 300 ml of boiling water and taken three times a day half cup) to relieve pain in the heart, and the heart stops missing of air.

4 tablespoon onion and mint leaves, and a handful of basil, a teaspoon of thyme and shallots.

21.00. Ask anal 6 liters of water injection.

Preparation: 2 tablespoons. Collection pour 1 cup boiling water and soak for 30 minutes. Take 4.1 to 3.1 cup of infusion 3-4 times a day.

I spoke about that does not mean to entertain and pay their thinking to the problem of spiritual, mental and physical. One of the paradoxes of our time is that before we go down the road of scientific and technological progress, and stay away from a radical solution to the problem a top speed. And the rising cost of health care for all people – the best proof.

when Opara suit, and put them in salt, stevioside, hot oil or margarine (You can add 2-3 eggs and vanilla or cardamom) powder, stir, add the rest of the flour and knead until the dough begins to when to stay behind the walls of the container and hand.

I am absolutely convinced that the doctor should not be secrets of his patient, that is. A. Often lies not care about peace of mind for the patient, and the desire to hide excessive conservatism and lack of confidence in the mind and will of man applied to him.

and modern man: the yoke of habits and preferences

You can clean the colon is best to start with the special injection mode colon enema of urine, and high temperatures before use The old and the boiled and cooled to measure the temperature of the fresh milk water. Since the effectiveness of such a small dose enema – 500-1000 grams urine in the procedure. Then, after going 10-15 procedures carried out on the day (after evacuation), it is recommended that the same amount of urine anal injection evaporated. Depending on the tolerance of this type evaporates half or a quarter of its original size. It is necessary to gradually increase the dosage – 50-500 grams, plus all the following procedure to reach 50-100 grams per 500 grams, and gradually reduce the dose. In the future, this type of enema depends on his health.

Eternity (herb) – 100 g, birch kidneys – 100 g of St. John’s wort (herb) – 100 g of chamomile (flowers) – 100 grams

blue – red .

that breast pain is improved when taken with alcohol, smoking, and fatigue. Runny nose is rich, especially in the morning and often smelly. In many cases, the nasal passages of works department, and many morning sputum sputum.

preparation and implementation, as in the previous recipe. Selected

scent depending on the mood, the weather. The perfume industry wide operating fully meet the sophisticated needs of customers. Only produces perfume, but also all kinds of candles, oils, sprays, and scented pillows. For a while it was found that the smell is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also seriously affect the human condition.

In modern science, including science, and a lot of mistakes, from the bottom of knowledge worldwide. But this does not exclude the possibility that the person believes that the most intelligent nature can not ignore the laws. The essence of the world has become familiar words: “We can not wait to get concessions from nature, and brought them – our mission.” And take, rape and destruction.

The human body – is a way of life, is a small, and the harmonization of the universe. Therefore, the body is all you need to maintain their lives and of course as an independent phenomenon occurs package.

Choose the language of “international” nature

Perhaps my statement may seem strange, but with individual identification and selfish now satisfied with the supporters of the collective, selfish and supports authoritarianism “democracy”. The first individual knows in exchange for lower selfish interests throughout the Community and the interests of the people, on the basis of this repressive person. Last slogan to address the personal freedom of the individual, the freedom to write the ugliest manifestations of exaggerated interest.

8. The starting point for the year – standing with arms down along the body, feet shoulder-width apart. Raise the level of the shoulder and hand carry. Forearms make circular motions in opposite directions, first in one direction and then another. Exercise performance for 1-2 minutes.

and the collected pollen from different plants, different types of therapeutic properties.

– we do not have the answer, right? – I leave. – The ceiling medical degree from the International Energy Agency. But on the other hand, it should not be! Everyone is trying, and you must follow. Diploma of Higher Medical Education applies only to humanitarian and moral responsibility to go further.

Viola fragrant. Y ‘is known as cough medicine. However, literature cases of tongue cancer and throat cancer treatment described. How to use: a bouquet of violets drink two cups of water and boil the leaves are left to ferment for a day. Infusion divided into two equal parts. A drink during the day, and the last to make a poultice every night.

5. Take one tablet of sodium bicarbonate or potassium whenever’d urge to smoke, but no more than 6 tablets per day.

This is a very different effects on the body to maintain good health.

* * *

23:00. Remove the water bottle and go to sleep. When the smell of garlic, from the point of nausea and stomach massage left ear drop.

possible improvement in two ways. The first way – is to increase the vitality (energy) allows systems of health care, and in extreme cases – the use of naturopathic treatment methods in the form of a separate, fast, fast and clean food.

– regular (at least 2 times a week) visits to the bathroom.

5. practical application alternating between each finger palm. Strength exercises also numbness or pain in the fingers.

and replacement concepts

3) diseases of the stomach (pain in the left parietal area).

berry based stevioside (half of the usual amount) and leave in a cool place 11 / 2-2 hours (berries in this period several times the mixture) remuneration. And ‘draining the resulting juice, drain and refrigerate. Berries pour hot water, bring to a boil and cook for 15-20 minutes, strain the broth and the rest of stevioside, bring to a boil and pour the dissolved gelatin liquidation and stir, pour the juice and the ‘citric acid pour selective and fresh dishes.

valerian root

dominant – dominant emotion

has a house on the sand

At the beginning of severe acute respiratory syndrome: the temperature is raised to 38 39 ° C, with severe chills, fever, dry cough at first, then the mucus, which is sometimes rusty brown (due to blood) mixing. You can not be a pain in the side, worse when breathing, indicating that acceded to the side. Breathing and often (especially large and serious damage to) be shallow, rapid and accompanied by a feeling of breathlessness. If treatment is started early, and carried out intensively for a couple of days, and the patient’s condition improves, but after a couple of recovery.

Day 6: 5 on the same day, and nuts.


and blind faith in miracles rose in vain, because the miracle can only be seen as something that does not fall under the laws of the universe of life, all that . If this “miracle” suddenly, that his life did not last long. This can be entirely attributed the “miracle” civilization, which declared its sovereignty in relation to nature. Preparation cosmic civilization, is still in its early stages, and it is unlikely to be time to leave, and if not a weaned piglet common stereotypes and unfounded claims the uniqueness of it. Really I can not wait to get concessions from nature, but our mission is not to take him by force, and achieve their legitimacy.

The most common complication of atherosclerosis – heart attack and stroke, which is more than 400 000 for the progress of our country to death. Atherosclerosis violation of walking, poor memory, reduced interest in life.

3.5 g of powdered gelatin, pour 3/2 cups cold water to a boil over medium heat, put 1 tablespoon. A. Stevioside, evaporated polustakana, strain through a sieve. While the solution is still hot, mix with a dollop of whipped cream well, and in line with whipped Sodini weight.

and Yarrow – 10 g,

The nature in all cases, have the means to improve the reliability of the duplication. If a person has two eyes and two ears that duplication of work, because it was one heart and liver? There may be such that these important organs is not something that error. It turned out that this kind of “safe” to happen. This “safe” is the muscle. In the human body more than one muscle thousand, and each of them is a kind of little “heart”. Muscle – we have “the heart of the terminal.”

red tomato juice

Before carrying out the provisions of the whole exercise, you should do a little ‘warm up to the usual sports festival. During this process, you need to follow the breath should be soft and deep (you must always remember that the breath – breath of error).

-. preparatory group

Many scientists believe that the cause pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis is an excess of uric acid in the body. This acid has a number of meat and meat products. Rheumatism Treat takes many years to feed meat and switch to a vegetarian, mostly . raw vegetables and fruits Treatment for rheumatic fever should start with a thorough work of body cleansing and fasting to rid the body of accumulated toxins must remember that cleanse the body. – is the first step that leads to healing

– should not drink alcohol before bath procedures and thereafter;

I never said that the conversion of starch to digest the sugars produced in the alkaline environment of the mouth under the action of saliva contains an enzyme krahmalpreobrazuyuschego. Be very precise, it would be better to say “is” and “should happen”, t. B. This process is generally not fully aware of the mistake and exclusively ours. We did not have the patience to chew all the time to the first rule for many other physiological digestive system clean.

strawberries through a sieve, milling stevioside and ice cream, Alcoholic beverages. He won in a blender. Add the champagne and poured into cups.

The most marginalized situation, suffering from a chronic illness. According to the “credibility” in the opinion of an expert in modern ethics N. Epstein, they must know that their illness is incurable (?!), And these patients should learn together the lives of their complaints (?!) And believe unconditionally the desire to alleviate the suffering of the physician, if possible. N. Epstein warns patients “illusions” chronicles in relation to other ways of dealing with the symptoms of the official presentation of drugs.


Fresh fruit mountain ash – a good preventive and therapeutic tool in the fight against atherosclerosis. Particularly effective in the following recipe: 200 grams of mountain ash bark to boil gently for 2 hours in 0.5 liters of water. Strain, adding boiling water to the original format and drink 50 ml 3-4 times a day.

4. All this add to your liking.

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16. tail – 30 grams, dill (seed powder) – 30 g daisy – parsley 20G (seed powder) – 30 grams, black locust (buds) – 50 g Boil 1 liter of a mixture of one cup water waves. Nasr hours, drinking hot guy, boats.

Chapter 2. angina

2 home remedies for insomnia

Article â„–24

To do this, connect before along the neck carotid artery – reindeer (25), Choi Tu (26), and pressure Chi Minh City (27) against the thumb for 3 seconds until the clavicle. This procedure is repeated three times on each side

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. The index, the pressure on the middle and ring finger to remove parts zadnesheynyh corresponding points between the head www.innovativepharms.com

choice of bristles wear indicator, which will help you know when to change your toothbrush and allows monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning teeth, as reduced cleaning power rises brush wear or worsen cleanability their teeth. The bristles should be trimmed carefully and close to the edges of the head

traditional recipes

Chapter 1. urolithiasis

Strong -. Brake (calm) and has a home and the rest of the (low muscle tone) work. Number massage points in a 1-3 time, and the time of exposure for each point for 3-5 minutes. In the case of pain, including sharp teeth, convulsions, cough, diarrhea, cramping, and gastritis with high acidity, and others.

The application in the clinic “Naran” woman of 40 years. Tatiana was a typical man of the wind. A thin, mini air, with a growth rate of about 168 cm and a weight of 54 kg. The problem that had occupied it, has been linked with the state of the skin of the palms and soles. It was dry and cracked and seemed uninteresting. In the wake of the raw skin accumulation of dead cells. Women and focus on specialized dermatologists and beauty salons, and various ointments and creams and natural treatments, but to no avail. Conversation with Tatiana Vladimirovna became clear that he was very nervous, emotional, irritable, it is “stuck” confirms ice cream, which absorbs large quantities. And so completely lost his appetite, hot food, they do not eat, just eat favorite dish from the refrigerator. Continuous cooling body furious wind Constitution, which in itself is cool, Yin nature, with the penetration of wind power in the intestines, resulting in skin manifestations. Tatiana Vladimirovna he recommended correct to change the nature of power: give up food and ice cold drinks, eating hot food, drink hot tea and ginger syrup. Drugs used in the treatment of normalization of the Constitution and the wind used to improve the small intestine and large. About herbal medicines per month, and it was natural skin. The emotional status of women and the future is made according to the events, including evil – smooth.

Figure 57. Point massage Shang Yang (88) for a toothache

If you give your baby warm, lamb meat broth, spices add to dishes containing hot items (such as ginger), onions garlic and pepper – all will help make psychological and physical condition of the Constitution, stable and prevents the development of many diseases, “cool”.

less pressure and you sit in the dental chair experience, and it will be easier, as a doctor, and easier and to ensure that your body of work. Therefore, at a reception at the dentist, it is recommended to use a relaxing techniques

Al Ouda Pharmacy-صيدلية العوده (@alouda_pharmacy ... 3), blueberry leaf, angelica root, a herb nettle, herb mint, chamomile flower, hop cones – Good;


This is it, the regular has happened Andrei Gennadievich, 52. By the mid-1990s, he was studying at a university, he lived more than modest, and always had to escape. For a businessman, a lot of money that went into the head completely and win changed outlook on life and the world began. Now I’m just thinking about how to earn more, and what is most profitable to invest. At the same time, he did not let fear of losing their property. In August 1998, the Russian financial crisis, which has been achieved and closed the bankruptcy of many banks in place. He was one of this and one of the capital banks held Andre. A successful businessman suddenly beggars, collapsed trade import and export and investment in safety, worrying fear and doubt, you have no time. Andre was unexpected and completely lost. He returned home, he sat down and began to drink vodka and smoke constantly. Preaching the words of his wife and did not achieve it did not exist. In vain, she said that something bad had happened: is flat, two of them alive and healthy and able to work, you have to support his family, and eventually had two children. Andre, immersed in their grief, and it seems that you can not listen and continued to drink and smoke in silence, staring at one point. At night he could not sleep, and the next morning I could not get out of bed, chest hurt, and the fire burned everything. A woman called “fast”, has announced severe heart attack. It happens that a man is rich attachment and healthy with cash brought in illness and not consciously assess the situation.

Ӣ Once the first tooth, and recommended pastry children at a rate of 300-500 mg / kg.

to get a lot of fun can damage the heart, about the possibility of not only tachycardia, palpitations, diarrhea (small intestine) and.

electric toothbrush: Terms of Use brush

“p> For those who work constantly with the team, fit, can be used for silver (or silver), it is completing a protective magnetic storm . For those who take special meteozavisim best ring at any time. You can get a hat, cap, scarf or hat to hide worn above.

it is strictly prohibited, toothpaste, fluoride, children and adolescents, including endemic areas with high concentrations of fluoride in drinking water use (Mordovia region Ryazan, Vologda region, Odintsovo district, etc.) and optimal content of fluoride – 1 mg. (PFCs) – \ L in drinking water, high concentrations can cause severe disease in teeth.

If you do not have these solutions in 1 liter of water, take 1 tbsp. For. Sugar 0.1 hours. For. Salt and a half hours. For. Soda consumption.

7. I am a good speaker, and usually listen to my words.

fear of visiting the dentist is often in childhood, like most human concerns. If the child to experience at least once in a pain attack in the dentist chair, or just have a bad feeling, subconscious remember them, and these feelings or anxiety intensified with each passing year. Therefore it is important to travel from childhood dental and doctor are not afraid anxiety


Ӣ shoulders the highest level possible Рfacilitate rapid and low; .. Recipes

for the treatment of inflammation of the gallbladder

Therefore, it should be painfully difficult or frequently recurring headaches compulsory examination by a doctor to determine the cause and proper treatment. Prolonged use of medical care separately from the pain, not eliminate the causes of headaches, it can be dangerous to health.

At the same time, each of the three control systems, no matter which of them dominates, so that the tendency for the disease, which does not exclude others. Everyone has a system of digestive (yellow), endocrine and lymphatic system (mucus) and (wind) nervous system.

stands – a common occurrence. It usually occurs in children between the ages of 3-6 months, 1-2 years and is not yet. The child is easily purchased with allergies increased susceptibility etaet food products, but also external, such as wool allergy, house dust. She is quick to stay in them for these reasons, as well as medical assistance required

) 6 with lack of exercise, and lifestyle, particularly the lack of physical activity;

or tincture of 25 g cone in half cups of alcohol or a glass of vodka.

It also recommended cleansing rinse boric acid solution (1 hat. L. glass of water). It is possible to use a pharmaceutical solution 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide dries the mucous membranes directly after rinsing his mouth rinse with cold water.

endocrine system, in contrast to the nervous system is completely immobile. Once in the blood, and hormones work so long as it does not happen, or remove decay. Some hormones for a long enough period of decline. Therefore, the rings worn on the head and do not work now exempt from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields is usually after 1-2 hours

angina – disease, acute infection characterized by inflammation, especially almonds and children .. more risk and youth. Often this occurs in the autumn and winter period, along with other seasonal diseases -. Influenza and acute respiratory infections

Ӣ Tech

in our country, but they failed to published recently, and therefore, used on a large scale. These solutions, and working antifungal and antiseptic atibakterialnym. Application in the oral cavity diseases caused by fungi.


4 serving plate Talo algae (seaweed) orally effective as a treatment for disorders of the thyroid gland, thyroid and obesity treatment. Application sell seaweed meal Pharmacy Take a teaspoon 2-3 times a day with soup or tea

It is used to improve the taste of toothpaste .. This is the case especially sweeteners :. Sorbitol, xylitol, cyclamate

in terms of the amount of fiber

Check the price list in advance and the final cost of treatment .. In fact, all modern hospitals have a limited consultation where you instructions to cover the costs of treatment. Even before visiting a dental practitioner components of the contract, one of the elements, so that the doctor should be called the maximum amount for medical treatment.

Concha effective once before and then a strong pressure from the index finger and thumb of both hands for a period of 0.5 min -1 head (Figure 47).

at the midline of the xiphoid to the navel base. From the navel to the top of the pubic bone. Hands. In the palm – the knee joint second hand folding. Folds of the elbow on the underside of the armpit. A record number of divisions tsuney.

This simple methods and recipes that you can use at home. But in the case of serious illness and the presence of diseases, it is necessary for an experienced doctor, who switches on the establishment of treatments able to correct and most effective herbal medicines Tibet diagnosis. Therefore, “if you think that the deadline for the drug, the disease must directly face the drug and to obtain, as they say,” in the face of the stone ‘”(” Chi Chzhud Declaration “of Tantric).

on the top offers teeth left: You should

The Constitution

and wind people to live in a warm room, enough light but protection from direct sunlight, preferably in the region with moderate air. It is necessary to avoid exposure to wind and air currents, any form of external cooling of the body, and always dress for the weather, and the legs and lower back is sure to keep you warm. Should as far as possible, to avoid unpleasant conversations and give only to communicate with people who are positive emotions and calming effect.

420 Pharmacy (@420_pharmacy) Ӣ Instagram photos and ... Figure 49. Two Way point massage (19) Head


Hdhira neurosis often develop in children of 3-5 years, but may occur even in adults. The child’s mind is very weak, it is especially vulnerable to being subjected to environmental impact in a variety of concerns, with greater sensitivity answers psychological climate in the family can be the death of a loved one afflicted and the favorite animals, scandal or divorce of parents, and so on D

homemade pasta are much cheaper compared with toothpaste factory, which is also in chemicals and unwanted flavors and colors contain, etc.

If the pain in the lower abdominal massage Qi highest point (70), Guan Yuan (71) and Chung Chi (72) as a criterion and San Yin Jiao (106).

It seems that the symptoms of gastritis surprise, but fully tested in a few days. The patient usually complains of pain in the stomach, gravity, belching and nausea. , Pale skin and mucous membranes and clear, and dirty language gray and white bloom, and saliva, or vice versa, and dry mouth tightly

Error rlung Life for the following reasons: a long period fasting, and use thick, low calorie foods fatigue due to better negotiations physical, long or natural desires and performance neothozhdenie urine, semen, and feces, or vice versa, tuzhenie (constipation or use).

If the reaction wishes only points stimulation Jin Chung, the tip of the middle finger to be derived from this condition. You can push the point of a finger or thumb nail or the head of a pen or pencil or other object on the peninsula. If not observed the desired effect, it is best to irritate needle tip. In this very convenient sterile needle injection (Figure 76). Therefore, we recommend not only a doctor (at the right time, it can not), and all have a sharp object (preferably injection needle available) for emergency care outside the health institutions (created in the streets, in the field of transport and other public places). This method is fairly safe, but effective.


a) grind the carrot seeds into a powder. Take 1 g three times a day for 30 minutes. Before eating. Move the stones and sand.

Modern and alkaline solutions are applied to the exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, accompanied by profuse discharge. These solutions allow the removal of pus, and reduce swelling and inflammation. It is produced in the form of a dry powder, which is vacuum-packed.

Fontana Pharmacy (@fontana_pharmacy) Ӣ Instagram ... As a general rule, people of short stature, except mini. Hands and feet are often cold. Dry skin, prone to skin, dry hair. Thin-skinned. Jade small blush appear. Low pulse, hidden, and Yin. Urine looks like water, springs and clear, sometimes blue and green, almost odorless. Red tongue, mouth and often taste bitter. You may face pale lips bright red group.

Ӣ foaming agent

ultrasound toothbrush for patients suffering from brackets fixed costume designs, has increased, it is recommended gum disease. The main drawback of these systems – high prices

lumbar sacral junction (node) is responsible for innervation of the lower part of the body’s organs in the pelvis and internal. Nerve branches that go to the bladder, uterus and rectum, and nationalism, and hip bones, joints and muscles in the foot. Therefore, may be symptomatic of a disorder cleaning wind direction can be very different. That tingling in the bladder, bloating and stomach sounds, abdominal pain, pain in the lower back, cotton decade sacral position, joint pain, hip, hip-hop and located along the nerve trunks, limb lignification low, and reduced shrinkage, muscle weakness and tremors in the legs, and loss of the ability to bend and straighten your legs, and pain in muscle contraction and stretching, pain in the pan walking, intermittent claudication, and Omar – numbness legs and thighs, and the emergence of numbness in areas of skin. And so it can be a pain pierced acute pain and release immediately and permanently sverbyaschy or outdoor pain. You can change the location (unstable pain) that appear in one way or another, in third place, but can become inseparable friends. Driving on the right path of life, given proper nutrition according to its constitution, age and time of year, and the use of herbal medicines for you and Tibetan healing therapy, a person can not save only sex, but also all other physiological functions of the body, the fullness of life and peace physical health, even in old age. “Lifestyle new extension, and gives the body and the impact of color, and lifts the senses” (“Chzhud Chi” Statement of Tantric).